Who else has to work Y2K eve?

I would imagine nearly every emergency serverce person in the world will be working or on call new years eve, and we thank them for it, but how about us that have somewhat more mundane tasks? What are your plans to stave off boredom?

I work in the IS department of a mid size corporation so I’ll be here most of 24 hours doing backups and waiting for disasters in whatever form they come in. We’ll be stuck in the office waiting for advance word from our worldwide operations and east coast branches to see what will happen. Probably going to be a dull time so I’m going to rent videos of The Omega Man, Planet of the Apes and Soylent Green. I was going to turn my cubicle into a suvivalist bunker but couldn’t find enough sandbags, camoflage netting and clamore mines.

Let’s see – unix sysadmin. Yep, that would be I.

But I am planning on phoning it in.

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Cows, they may be Y2K compliant but you’ve still got to milk 'em.

I work for the phone company. I only have to be in the building until 6pm that evening - but then I’m on call from then through Monday morning. No drinking and I must be in the office no later than 30 minutes after my pager goes off.

There’s no snooze alarm on a hungry cat. =^…^=

Facility manager–I have to check all the building systems (HVAC, elevators, power, phones, etc.) at the changeover to make sure they’re working. If they aren’t, well, it’s going to be a loooong night.

New Years? Whazzat?
OH, yeah! That means I won’t be twirling out on the town, in black velvet and sequins, coyly waiting for some drunk/romantic fool to sip $300 champagne out of my slipper!
Well, close.
I’m the Head Dweeb On Duty, which translates into I’ll be sitting in an empty building, waiting for the lights and heat to fail, the nuclear warheads to fire and life as we know it to cease.
Sooo…it would be the act of a total slime and cynical fool to come supplied with my own champagne, right?
Thought so.


Running my video store. It’s the busiest day of the whole year in the video biz.

Happy New Year! (I’ll be too tired to say it that day)

I’m in the security biz, so guess where I’ll be on the eve of the century! Of course, no matter what happens, I’ve got job security. If all goes well, statis quo. If all hell breaks loose, I’ll be needed more than ever.

Well, due to the fact that some people just have to get stuck on a roller coaster when the clock strikes 12, I’ll be stuck working at Knott’s Berry Farm. I imagine that the large crowds, combined with the all-day Christian music festival going on, I expect to be slowly driven insane by 12:01. Happy New Year, everyone!


Uh-Oh! The truck have started to move!

I work until 5 then I’ll go home eat, watch a movie or two, and go to bed. New Year’s eve, as such, bores me. I can’t imageine the crap that’s gonna fly when that 19 switches to a 20 and all my checks become obsolete. So I think I’ll go ahead and sleep through it. That way if the power does go out I won’t be bothered by it.

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I’ll be on call if the fit hits the shan, but I plan to be to drunk to be of any use to anybody.

I’ll be working until 6:30, and I’ll probably be one of the handful of people that don’t call in.

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

I have to be at work just because I always have to work on Month End to wrap up reports. The real problem is they shoot guns off in my neighborhood so I have to be home before 9pm.

Reason I do not want to be promoted: ALL managers must stay at our hotel on NYE. We’re having a “family-friendly” party- so far, nearly 300 kids and their parents. We’re not taking any more reservations. Ad to that the doctor’s party in the other wing of the hotel- about 200 of them. I’m working 10-6, then going to my friend’s party.

John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt. That’s my name too.
Wait, no it isn’t.

I’ll be sitting in the station, waiting for the clock to go “bing” twelve times. Then the lights will go out, and every fire alarm in town will go off. Hopefully it will just be from the whole Y2K crap, not from there actually being a fire.

Man I hope the two power plants in the next town over don’t go boom.


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I’ll be working all night. I am a media relations representative for a power company. I won’t be working because your lights will go out, I’ll be working because the media has a lot invested in making sure that any power outage that may occur can be blamed on Y2K.

We are open until 5 but my sister is having a party that night. She lives almost 4 hours away so even if I went to her house straight from work it would be almost 9 before I’d get there.

So my boss is letting me leave at 2 so I can enjoy more of her party. :slight_smile: I LOVE her!

No, stupid, it’s a boat!

I fall into the emergency service group. I am hoping that everyone will be out partying and things will be slow at work.

I’ll be on call on New Years Eve, just in case I have to provide emergency communications for local hospitals (within a 50 mile radius).

I’ll party like it’s a normal day.

You want brilliance BEFORE I’ve had my coffee!!!

I’ll be in the Emergency room hoping the lights don’t go off :slight_smile:
Larry RN