Who else here is addicted to Yahoo Pool?

I started playing pool on Yahoo! Games a couple weeks back, and I cannot pry myself away from it. I play almost 20 times a day when I get the time, and I’ve gotten pretty good at it. Once when I had played it all that day before, I was laying in bed that night with pool tables and shots running through my head. It kepts me up forever, it was horribly annoying!

So who else is addicted to Yahoo Pool?

It’s horrible for my ancient computer and i’ll have to restart it after three games, but I love it sooooo much. I’m not very good, but I’m improving.
Now I’m off to play more pool.

Dude, let’s go play now. I haven’t played in a couple months (I’ve been playing since the beta), but that mess is FUN.

It pisses me off.

You can’t help but play the damn thing but the physics are so off it isn’t even funny. I just wonder why the hell I insist on playing the Yahoo! on when I just bought Virtual Pool 3 this last summer.