Who else hurls insults at Alex Trebek?

My wife and I love to watch Jeopardy ( I call it Geo Party) but I really don’t like Alex Trebek,I don’t know why I just don’t.I would love to see some new blood host that show.Anyone out there agree with me? I would love to hear from both sides.

Thanks in advance

Sean Connery sure does.

When I watch Jeopardy, I’m all, “STFU, Alex. I’ll rob your hotel room and make you chase me and make you snap your Achilles’ tendon! SO HELP ME I’LL DO IT!”

Post stealer. :mad:

(I call it Geo Party too - what’s wrong with us?)

Too soon!

I like Trebek a lot more than ass-grabbing Pat Sajak. How that horny bastard has never been sued by the contestants he loves to put his greasy paws on is beyond me. Smart Wheel of Fortune contestants either keep some distance or have their large, angry husbands nearby. Alone time with a mirror aside, I’d hate to be Vanna White.

othing wrong with Alex Trebek.

My only problem with the show is the “let’s get to know the contestants” bit after the first commercial break. Nobody cares if Jill from Sioux Falls does crafts. Shut the hell up and get back to the trivia.

Why Geo Party? Is that a game similar to this one?

Our pronunciation is more like Jeppity and sounds more like Gepetto than Geo Party. Jep-pi-ty.

The insults we hurl these days (past few months) are at the stupid writers and verifiers and whatever that just don’t get things right! Jeopardy is suffering, like so much else, from the NCLB syndrome. It’s rampant!

Well, if they eliminated the contestant interviews, they’d just have to add more commercials.

Just for fun, the other day I put a stopwatch to the actual playing time:

Jeopardy Round

Act One: Three minutes.

Act Two: Three minutes (not counting contestant chatter)

Double Jeopardy Round

Act Three: Seven and a half minutes (including the revelation of the Final Jeopardy category)

Final Jeopardy

Act Four: One and a half minutes (counting the answer reveal)

Fifteen minutes of commercial time!

This show must be the ultimate cash cow for the networks and affiliates as far as sale-able commercial time goes. I was really pissed last night because my local station (ABC-TV 7 in New York) came on with a special weather report just before the show started, and then joined the game, which was already in progress.

They couldn’t have held it for the ninety seconds that the weather report took up? The damned show is over at 7:25, for crying out loud!

I think he’s personable enough, but sometimes the way he adopts unnecessary accents depending on the origin of a word gets under my skin. I can barely watch when there’s an opera category.

As if you would even know that without your little blue cards!

Jeopardy breaks down to:

I have no problem with Trebek. He is better than most game show hosts.

I love Jeopardy, and watch it every night. The key is to set it up as a series recording, and don’t start watching until at least 10 minutes in. I’ve gotten to where I know exactly how long it takes to zip thru all the breaks. And FJ is always at about 24 minutes in.

As for Trebek, he’s OK. It might be fun to see the show hosted by someone like Chris Rock a few times, though.

Somebody might care if Jill is single.

I loathe Alex Trebek.

He makes Jeopardy unwatchable for me. Completely ruins it. He gets more smug (smugger?) and condescending every season.

Alex, you need the STFU, you would never know any of this stuff without your precious cards. Also, stop pronouncing things like that. You speak English, pronounce Guatemala like it starts with a hard G, like it does IN ENGLISH!

Also, I hate the contestant interviews. Lame.

And one more thing, the questions are way easier now than they were 15 years ago. Jeopardy should be challenging.

I want to Elvis the TV when the contestants all draw a blank, and he provides the “cute” answer and bites his bottom lip :rolleyes:

I don’t know if it typical of all affiliates, but I know there is a 4 min 45 second commercial break between the reveal of the Final Jeopardy category until the “answer” is revealed on my local broadcast. 9 clicks (@ 30 seconds per click) on the FF button on my DVR remote.

If the questions are getting too easy now, why don’t they just re-use questions from years ago? It’s not like most viewers would remember they’ve been asked before.

I laughed so hard the time they had the guy who was the Big Winner on (can’t remember his name, darn it!) - he was a youngish guy who kept winning and winning and he was on for weeks. And during the ‘get to know the contestants’ chatter, Alex Trebek came to this guy and said, “well, So-and-so…tell us something about yourself that we don’t already know” and So-and-so said, “well, Alex, I once shot and killed a guy in Vegas”. Everyone was breaking up! (well, you had to be there).

I can’t stand Trebek. He’s no Art Fleming, that’s for sure. I fear if I ever met him face to face, I’d have to smack him. I love the show but hate watching it because of him. The program needs a host who isn’t so full of him/herself.

My post is my cite.

I have a thirty-second commercial skip button on my DVR. So I’ve found that four button presses (two minutes, in other words) right after the first break gets me to the start of the second round, then four more presses after the first round ends, and eight button presses after the second round ends. So I can watch the show quickly.