Do you like Alex Trebek as host of Jeopardy?

Alex takes a lot of heat 'round these parts. He’s smug, he’s sexist, he’s awkward, he’s a fossil, he’s Satan’s tool.

I know I’m in the minority, but I think he does a fine job hosting Jeopardy, and I’m a little disappointed that he is probably retiring.

I don’t doubt that some actively dislike him, but I get the feeling that it’s become cool/expected to dis him on the Dope and many do it just because it’s expected.

Or maybe I’m wrong.

I think I have a sense of how this poll is going to go, but I’m still curious.

He does a good job, but he’s no Art Fleming.

The moustache was an important contribution to the show. Once he shaved it, there’s no point.

It’s ajob where less is more. He could do less.

He is Jeopardy to me. Were Alex Trebek to have started today, I’d have been, “Huh? This guy?”

But the stiffness, the patronizing, the awkwardness, the whole package, I couldn’t imagine Jeopardy without it. I gave him an 8.

I have no problem with any of the qualities listed. I give him a nine, just because nobody’s perfect.

His manner is smug and sexist, yes. He’s a professional, though. Many years ago, when my ex was a contestant, I went along and watched tapings in the studio, and Trebek was focused and well-prepared. This is a game where flubs can really throw the contestants’ timing off, and he did not mess up. He also came forward and engaged the studio audience with smooth and mildly charming patter between rounds, totally aware of his job as an entertainer. I think plenty of people could do the job, but he’s very good at it, too.

I often want to punch him in the face, like once a round. No Art Fleming.

Agree with TriPolar — less is more, and he does too much. Has it been cool to dis him here? I guess I hadn’t noticed.

Yes, less is more, but also he’s a bit of a pervert. He’s usually subtle about it but I’ve noticed it from time to time. Once, it was not so subtle. It was on an episode when celebrities played for their favorite charities. Lara Logan, the South African 60 Minutes reporter, was on and she unveiled a Daily Double. Logan was stumped as to how much to wager, but then she finally made her wager. Then Trebek read the answer. Logan was stumped some more and she started to hmmmmm with furrowed brow and wiggle her shoulders side to side. Almost like a grade school kid might do.

But as she wiggled, her breasts jiggled. And then — get this — while Logan’s breasts are jiggling Trebek says, “You’re… doing fine so far.”

Really, Alex?! Really??!! I could not believe that he said that. I rewound to confirm the sequence of events, and yes:

(1) her breasts jiggle, and then
(2) Trebek says you’re doing fine

Unbelievable. Inconceivable.

Logan is curvaceous and I admit to admiring her curves (gImages of her). But when this happened I couldn’t believe what I heard. I actually video’d it. I’d forgotten about these recordings, until now, and I just uploaded them. Here is the scene and the entire Daily Double play: I found it blatant, and then I zoomed in on Logan’s jiggling to record it again. Listen to Trebek here: :eek:
Really, Alex?! Really??!!

… and I just gave him a 4.

You zoomed in on Lara’s jiggling breasts to record it in order to prove something about Alex? Really, Bullitt? Really??!!

I admire her curves, yes. :slight_smile:

His guts: I hate them.

The only good thing to say about him: he can’t get any worse.

Liking boobs is perverted? :eek: :confused:

What a queer place the world has become in the last fifty years.

As someone who badmouthed him in the other thread, I can at least appreciate that he is prepared and can generally keep the game moving along. I gave him a 5.

I think you are wrong. I became disenchanted with Alex apart from this board (see the thread I started). Being that this board has a lot of Jeopardites who really enjoy the show, I’m pretty sure Alex brings it on himself. I honestly think he thinks he’s the most important part of the game.

It’s perverted when overtly done on national TV, like Trebek did.

It’s not perverted when watched and recorded in the privacy of one’s own home, like Bullitt did.



I’ve never cared for him, although I don’t hate him. I still consider Art Fleming to be the One True Host. It’s possible someone else could be a suitable successor, but Trebec ain’t it.

For that matter, I can’t stand Pat Sajak.

I’m too young for Art Fleming. But not too young for Vanna White.

I think he does just fine and considering he started hosting my freshman year of college, is the only host I remember. Those of you who say, “He’s not Art Fleming”, I hope you’re kidding. If Alex retires in 2020, he’ll have been doing the show for 36 years. Meanwhile, Art Fleming hasn’t hosted in 45 years. I think the audition is over by now.