Who else is buying a Nintendo DS Lite on June 11th?

The last gaming device of any sort I’ve owned was the Sega Genesis. I’m so all over this thing when it comes out, and because of my rekindled enthusiasm for gaming, I’m now also considering the Nintendo Wii console. Screw the overpriced PS3.

I’m sure there are bigger enthusiasts in here. :slight_smile:

New Super Mario Brothers, “Brain Age,” and the upcoming DS version of the Opera browser have be quite interested. I’ll almost definitely be picking one up soon. If I can get the web browsing going soon I’ll sell off my PSP to pay for it (that’s the only thing I use the Sony device for these days).

Once again, I’ve gotten screwed for being an early adopter, though I waited over a year after the DS came out to get mine. The DS lite looks really good - I’m not a big fan of the Ipod-esque look of it (a color called - no joke - “Crystal Cocaine White”) , but the extra brightness modes (the DS’s generally dim-feeling display is my one complaint about it) sound great.

I’m a big fan of my DS, and while I feel like recent games haven’t made enough use of the touch screen, dual screens, and microphone - games like New Super Mario Brothers, Tetris DS, and Castlevania, which really could have just been Gameboy Advance games - a bunch of the games that they premiered at the recent E3 show, like Hotel Dusk, look really innovative and interesting. For someone like me who bought the DS for the unique and new gaming experiences that its interface offers, the future looks brighter.

It’s funny you mention this, because games like this are EXACTLY why I’ll probably end up getting a DS lite at some point after it comes out. The screens and such turn me off, if anything, but the consistent high quality of (this sort of) games and the wi-fi are going to end up pulling me in.

Though I won’t argue that I’d not have been that much happier if they were all playable on my GBA :slight_smile:

I just got my DS Lite today and I have a question about dead/stuck pixels as I’ve never actually had one before.

The whole pixel doesn’t seem to be completely off, as in, it’s not completely dead. When the screen’s completely black, the weird pixel is half black (left), half white (right). I have to squint a bit to see this. During gameplay, the pixel seems to change colour depending on what colour it’s actually supposed to produce. According to wikipedia, a stuck pixel stays only one colour.

So, is this a dead or stuck pixel? If it’s dead, I can return it. If it’s just stuck, I won’t bother and I’m just going to hope it fixes itself over time.

I’m not getting one on June 11th, but having played with the demo unit at the local We Be Toys today, I’m definitely getting one in the near future.