Who else is looking forward to Big Love coming back in January?

This is one of my favorite shows. It’s the only show I watch on TV, really, besides The Sopranos back when it was on. Big Love is a great show and I am very excited to start watching it again in January. Who knew a show about three women living with Bill Paxton could be so interesting? Like The Sopranos this show so expertly combines the mundane realities of everyday life with far-reaching story arcs - except this show creates the tension not with violence and death, but with home politics and micro-economics, which takes even more skill, in my opinion.

Highlights of the show are Bruce Dern, who might be the only man alive who can out-Nolte Nolte in the gravel-voiced, disheveled, mildly psychopathic old man department, and Matt Ross as the amazingly slimy Alby Grant, one of the most quietly menacing characters in TV’s history. Jeanne Tripplehorn is very elegant as Barb, Bill’s first wife, and Chloe Sevigny as the passive-aggressive dynamo Nikki. What a great cast. Even Bill Paxton fits the role of the average-looking guy with the hidden private life very well.

I wonder what is going to happen in the next season? Any predictions?

I figure the over all arc of the show is for Bill to end up as the Prophet, but I don’t think it will happen this season. I wish we didn’t have to wait until January, although I am starting to get into True Blood more than I thought I would.

I’m so glad to hear the show is finally coming back!

The pitiful thing is that I’ve never seen it; I don’t have cable or satellite and have never had HBO. I discovered the show on TWOP and am totally hooked on the story and am excited that I’ll get to read how it comes out.

I’m really looking forward too it- so many good performances. I can’t really stand Barb & Bill but love the Nicki, Roman, Rhonda and Sarah characters. Albie and Bill have to have have some kind of show down this season.

I’ve heard the theory that Bill is ultimately going to end up as the Prophet for the whole Juniper Creek polygamist community.

But I’m not sure I buy it. First of all, Bill is a modern kind of guy. He likes living in suburbia with all the trappings of a yuppie lifestyle. His wives do too, even Nikki, who is the most traditional of all of them (in some ways she is the most materialistic - she did have that huge problem with shopping and credit card debt.) Why would they want to give that up to go live in a rural, isolated “compound” where everyone dresses like it’s the year 1830?

Secondly, at the compound, everyone is obsessed with everyone else’s business and it’s like living in one gigantic family. I don’t think Bill would want to live that way, even if he were at the top of the hierarchy. His wives, too, would hate it. I can’t imagine that Barb in particular would put up with that life. And if his wives (mostly Margene and Barb) continued to dress and act the way they do, they would constantly be under fire from all the other women at the compound, so they’d probably leave.

Even if Bill were to try the attitude of “now that I’m in charge, I’m going to bring this community into the 21st century!” and tried to get everyone to adopt more modern dress and everything, they wouldn’t want to. They would prefer the traditional ways, and I don’t think Bill would change to fit in with them. He’s too in love with himself.

And what about the store? Home Plus? That store is Bill’s whole life. How could he possibly continue owning it if he went and lived openly on a polygamist compound? If he thought his public image was bad before, that would destroy it!

Any other thoughts?

I think it’s possible if Barb separates- I can’t see her going there willingly or allowing her two daughters to go (I imagine she wouldn’t have much control if Bill took Ben with him). Nicki would love to go back there without Barb in the position of wife to the Prophet. I agree though that Bill would either have to be a silent partner in the store or would have to sell out. If his gambling business takes off- he may be fine with minimizing the store and living openly as a polygamist in the gambling community. I think Margene would follow Bill to the compound, and hilarity would ensue before she was fed up and left.