Who goes to the movies alone?

Today I watched T3. And let me tell you, If I was John Conner and that thing was chasing me I would think twice before running! (do I really want to be running away from this [gorgeous,amazing,sexy,busty,beautiful,mysterious] woman?! Fuck the human race. I’m staying!)

(But then I’d think a third time and that thought would be she probably won’t do me any ‘favours’ before she kills me. I’d better run)
So, down to the point of this thread - I have no same-age-group-outside-work-and-family friends here in the Isle of man (I haven’t made any since I moved here a few years ago) so I often go to the cinema alone. I don’t give a shit that I am probably the only person there who is there [alone] to watch a film and not there because I am on a date. Who else here visits the cinema alone?

I do all the time. Once in a while, my wife and I go together, but it’s not unusual for me to see 2-3 movies/week after work all by myself.

I do and I don’t see anything wrong with it. I have a friend who loves moves but refuses to go alone. What the hell is that?

I probably go alone as often as I go with Mr. Amanita or anyone else. It does usually work out that I’m going alone during the day, not during prime date time, but I’d have no problem with that either. It’s certainly easier to find a seat.

I never did before I started working at the movie theater this summer. I really didn’t go to the movies very much at all before this summer, actually, but I’ve gone this summer because hey, it’s free, why the hell not? Took a friend or two a couple of times, but saw several on my own. Seen more movies this summer than I’ve seen in the past 5 years combined.

I try not to, but there’s quite a few films that my friends refuse to see. It’s mostly niche, art-house and foreign stuff.

For instance, today I’m taking a half afternoon off to watch “Volcano High” at the international film fest. all by myself. I’ll probably end up watching “Cowboy Bebop: The Movie” by myself too, unless I can catch any friends and drag them with me :dubious:

I think that about 10 years ago, going to the movies was such a big no-no. Like, you only saw creepy people going to the movies alone. Now lots of people do it. I sure do.

There are still things that I won’t do alone. Like play mini-golf.

If I’m not working during the day I sometimes go for a matinee at the local 2nd run theater. It’s nice not to have to ignore the teenagers and kids.

I’ve been known to catch a movie by myself on occasion.

It’s kind of like sex: More fun with someone else, but still pretty good by yourself.


I’ve always been a little puzzled by the idea of movies as a group activity. Let’s all get together so we can sit in a pitch-black room and not talk to each other? :confused: I know a lot of people say they like to go with other people so they have someone to talk about the movie with, but I just don’t see that. I always need a little time to digest a movie before I can say anything interesting about it. When I try to talk about a movie I’ve just seen, I sound like Chris Farley. “Remember that part where Legolas jumps on top of the troll, and shoots it right in the head with an arrow? That was COOL!”

Makes more sense to me to see a movie alone, and then talk about it with friends the next day. However, I hardly ever do that anymore. I’m such a couch potato these days, that I’d probably never see any movies if I didn’t have friends to drag me to them.

I prefer to go to movies alone. I don’t really see the point in going to see them with other people.

Unless it’s a bad movie that just begs to be heckled, but that’s a different matter altogether.

I work weird shifts mostly late at night, and don’t go to the movies as much as I used to, but I prefer matinees (when we have them) or the latest show on the bill if it’s a night off so I have to go alone.

We don’t get many niche, art-house, or foreign films locally, but my tastes run enough outside the mainstream that the films I really want to see and not wait for on video tend to be the kind of stuff no one I know wants to see. For example, I couldn’t have gotten a group of friends together curious to see Solaris if I tried.

When I worked Sun-Mon I used to always fo tot he mvoies alone on Friday. Not so much anymore, but I still do occasionally.

I do it a lot. I just like the movies more than anyone else I know so I see more of them. If noone else is interested in something I go alone. Sometimes I’ll take a long lunch at work and catch a movie. I also enjoy eating alone. Sitting down to a really good meal in a restaurant with a book to read, without idle chitchat, can be very restful and rewarding.

I happily go by myself, because the impulse to go is so sudden.

I go alone all the time. I go with friends occasionally but I like to go very often so I end up alone most of the time. Sometimes it’s nicer this way.

Hey! I’ve been going to movies by myself since 1985! :smiley:

Almost always the first matinee showing.

There’s nobody who likes me enough to hang out with me.

I go to the movies alone once in a while…it’s probably about 70/30 (with a friend/alone). I don’t have a preference either way. Usually I like to comment on the previews, however, and that is more fun with a friend.

I used to think it was wierd to go to the movies alone, until I moved to a city where I didn’t know anyone. I finally bit the bullet and went to one. Now I like to go if I have had a bad day or have time to kill in between clients.

I don’t do it all that often, but I go when I can.

I do it all the time. Most of my friends are 2200 miles away so we can’t see movies together anymore. Although i miss making sarcastic comments to my friends if the movie sucks.