Who has a perfect driving record (never fault on your part)? How easy do you think it was?

Got my driver’s license in 1964. Never had an at-fault accident; only two other incidents.

My car got hit while parked on a residential street in 1985 (brand new Honda I had about two weeks). Found a note on my windshield “Sorry. I hit your car.” Note had a phone number and license plate number. His insurance covered all costs.

Got side-swiped last year when a guy came around a turn at an intersection too wide. I was approaching a stop sign, saw it coming, and managed to stop before he hit me. He drove on. A cop car was directly behind me; cop flipped on his lights and pulled a U-turn – caught the guy in the next parking lot. Owner’s (his) insurance covered all costs.

Driving since 1986 with about 600K miles on my vehicles. Been in exactly zero accidents while behind the wheel.
I drive pretty defensively and have avoided a lot of accidents just by avoiding other driver’s poor decisions.