Who has owned/driven the most variety of engines?

Don’t forget motorcycles too.

Me: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8. The 1, 2, and 3 were motorcycles. The 4 was a motorcycle and cars.

I’d love to drive a V-12!

Drove this for a living back in the day. It was ~17,000 horsepower and 48 cylinders*. It doesn’t look like it, but it moved under its own power.

I’ve flown one of these, four 9-cylinder radials w 3000 total hp.

Personal automobiles range from inline 4 and 6, to V8s. Smallest 1.8L, largest 7.4L. Current ride is inline 6 cyl w 370 hp.

Boats I’ve owned range from 4 cyl 100 hp to twin 454’s with ~500 hp.

Planes I’ve owned were all 4 cylinder, from 150 to 200 hp.

*from memory – not certain

Mostly the usual 1,4 inline, 4 opposed, 6 straight, V6, V8 and V12 (39 Lincoln).

The most unusual was a 1928 Willys Knight. It had sleeve valves - two additional cylinder liners that were geared to provide valve timing. So, it had 6 cylinders and 18 connecting rods.

I have driven something with all types of engines. Some were oddball vehicles. The rotary engined car was a 1969 Toyota Corona, it had the running gear from an RX7. The V-12 was from a totalled Jaguar, a group of us stuffed it into a 64 Olds Cutlass. The V-10 was a Ford Econoline E-350. I took a ride in an airboat that had a 7 cylinder radial engine.