Who has owned/driven the most variety of engines?

In my life I have owned or at least driven autos with the following numbers of cylinders: 1, 3, 4 (inline and boxer), 5, 6 (inline, boxer and V), 8, and 10. The single is my 1948 Marketeer (bit of a cheat as it’s electric). I sat in a Subaru 360 van but did not get to drive the two banger. They don’t make a 7 or 9 I think, so that leaves the V12 and I’m still working on that one :slight_smile:

Any other former parking valets on this board? If not, where do I pick up my trophy?

Not a valet, but for the past 2 and a half years, the photographer for an auto broker specializing in classic American muscle cars and European imports. I’ve done around 200 photoshoots for them and driven every one - every Mustang and Corvette variant you can imagine, plus many Porsches and Jaguars, an Aston Martin, a Bentley, and a Lotus. Front-engine, mid-engine, rear-engine; 4, 6, 8, and 12 cylinder. (No V10s that I can recall, though.) When I’m not photographing cars (or real estate listings, which make up most of that income stream) I’m driving a dump truck for a mulch company :upside_down_face:

Oh - and now that I reread the OP, I MAY have indeed driven a 3-cylinder also - they had a 6-speed Mini Cooper at one point, but I can’t find the damn folder with its pictures to check what the engine was.

Gas: 1-cylinder (various lawnmowers), 2 (Honda 350 motorcycle), 3 (European Opel Corsa, Chevy Spark), numerous in-line 4s, Subaru boxer 4, Audi 5-cylinder, V-6, in-line 6, V-8, 3-rotor Wankel. Diesel: in-line 4, V-8, V-12, V-16 (those last two were EMD 567 locomotive diesels).

I haven’t driven a 10 cylinder and I haven’t driven a rotary. I think I’ve covered most everything else.

1,2,3,4,5,6,8. Nothing more than 8 cylinders, but I did sit in a Jaguar XKE one time.

Remember own/driven also includes boats and airplanes.

Interior permanent magnet motor, Tesla Model 3 (rear)
Induction motor, Tesla Model 3 (front)

Otherwise nothing exotic. A variety of 1, 2, and 3 cylinder bikes, and 4, 6, and 8 cylinder cars, plus dual rotor Wankel. Only the 2 (V, parallel, and boxer), 4, 6, 8, Wankel, IPM and induction motors are ones I drove on a regular basis.

Where does a glider with no engine fit?

Every car I’ve ever owned (all three of them) has had an inline 4. The Buick I drove in high school, but technically belonged to my parents, had a V6, as did Dad’s Acura and Mom’s minivan. At my summer job in high school as a groundskeeper I occasionally drove the boss’s V8 Dodge Dakota. Rental moving trucks are the wildcard, because I honestly have no idea what was under the hood of those. A V8 seems most likely in the bigger ones, but in the smaller Toyota pickup based one I rented once I could imagine an inline 6.

Not as many as y’all, but I’ve got lots of time with 2-strokes (1, 2, 3, 4 cyl) and a Wankel on the list. Still have a garage full of RZ-350’s but sold the RE-5. Ugliest motorcycle ever, just about. Rode lots of different model when I was in the motorsport business. Pretty much every model from the Big 4 sold between 90-95, and a heap of Harleys and Triumphs and BMW’s. The Hondamatic was just about the worst I can remember.

Limited to 4, 6 and 8 on 4 wheels. I aspire to drive a Flat 12. :wink: Anybody got a 312-T in the garage?

I’ve owned a V-8, I4, boxer 4. I’ve driven an I3, I5, I6, V6 many times. Non-cars (bikes, quads, scooters) I’ve probably driven/ridden 1 and 2 cylinder engines. Can I count a chain saw?

Buddy of mine made himself a chainsaw powered skateboard so it’s possible.

I’ve owned a flat-4 briefly, two V6s, but mostly V8s. Drove an inline “flathead” six in a late 40s car once.

Got to operate two EMD F-7 locomotives on two different tourist lines. It was aimed at rail enthusiasts and one paid for some instruction and the ability to take turns operating the locomotive over several miles of track. Prime mover ( the diesel engine that generated electricity for the traction motor ) is a two-stroke V-16 engine, each cylinder displacing 567 cubic inches.

Crowning glory was operating a Lima 2-8-4 ‘Berkshire’ steam locomotive at a steam preservation group in Owosso Michigan when they did some ‘Engineer for an hour’ sessions. Operated it along a mile section of track forward and reverse. Very interesting. Also did the less expensive ‘Fireman for an Hour’ they offered. Even with a mechanical stoker, it was a lot of work…which they very much impressed on us of how important and how hard it could be. Definitely got my steam locomotive ya-yas out of that one.

I’ve had the opportunity to drive (in chronological order from memory):

  • T-37 Tweet
  • M113 APC
  • MATV

I don’t know what engines are in those vehicles, but I had 'em on my license.

Nowadays, I fly an F-150.

I’ve owned a 1, flat-4, inline-4, inline-6, and V-6. I know I’ve “driven” a V-8, and possibly also a flat-6 and inline-7

Ain’t the BMW L-6 a sweet Mother of an Engine? Torque from about 200rpm and will produce the smothest power all the way up to about 7k. You can drive an E30 with 1st and 5th gear, and be just fine.

Hey, Robot! What the hell has an inline 7?

That was from my sailing trip about 15 years ago. The ship had an inline-7 diesel engine for when there wasn’t enough wind to sail. I found a video tour of the engine room here.

But it probably shouldn’t count for this thread. I don’t remember if the engine was ever running when I was on the helm. And even if it was, I would have just been steering; the engineer would be at the engine controls.

I toured inside a German WW2 U-boat and it’s diesels were 9 cylinder inline engines. Built by the MAN company.

I’ve owned small-block Chevys AND Buicks. Is that enough variety?