Who has used Teeth Whitener? What kind? How would you rate it?

I keep thinking about buying those Crest White Strips that you wear over your teeth for (I think) 30 minutes at a time.

I hear they work pretty good, but I looked at the tooth whitening products in the store yesterday, and there are several other brands of these. I thought the Rembrandt gel looked like it would be good…

What have you all used, and how did it work for you?

I tried both the strips and the dental tray. The strips win hands down. You can do two treatments back-to-back if you want, but I usually only do one at a time. I’m a fairly heavy smoker, and the difference is quite noticeable. I don’t think it’s as good as a dentist treatment (with the lights and all) but it’s well worth the money. The dental tray thingy is just fucking grossening. It’s messy, you have to mix stuff, and it tasts just awful, not to mention uncomfortable. Go with the strips! (I have a couple days to go and I’m very pleased!)

I use the Strips, and they work quite nicely. For comparison, I’ve also used the stuff you “paint” on your teeth and it is supposed to work overnight. That didn’t work too well. I’ve also used the dental tray, which works, but the taste is yukky and makes you drool.

My wife’s a dental student, so we get good free samples of stuff.

We’ve both done the whitestrips. They definitely worked for us, although the goo on the strip is kinda weird texturally speaking, and my teeth got kind of sensitive, so maybe use it in combination with sensodyne toothpaste.
Also, the top teeth were alot easier to do than the bottom teeth, I personally kept flicking the strip with my tongue. This is really not that big an issue, since your bottom teeth don’t show much.

I’ve also used the bleaching trays. Those work much faster and whiten more, but they’re more expensive and made my teeth really sensitive.

We have the “night effects” gel that you paint on, but haven’t tried it yet, so, a review of that stuff is pending.

the whitening gum, floss, toothpaste etc. those don’t work.

Somehwere I read that the overnight stuff works the best… can’t find the cite right this sec. Anyways…

Tried the white strips and found a slight difference, however, I found the strips as annoying as hell and I didn’t feel comfortable talking or doing anythig with my mouth.

I also wondered about people with bigger mouths than me. The strips just barely covered my six top teeth and by the end, it looked odd when I laughed and you could see the difference. The bottom strip has even less coverage.

For the paint on stuff: You now the commercials where the woman is standing there with her teeht bared? Trying not to ouch them? That’s true. You have to do that for so many minutes, it’s ridiculous.

I’m currently trying to overnight stuff (now that coffee has made my teeth less-than-white) and I’m actually finding I like it better. None of the sillines of keeping your teeth bared to the wind, and I can cover all the teeth that show. I can also focus on my two eye-teeth which are more yellow than the others - can paint just those until they match.

So far I like the overnight stuff the best. White strips are in second place.

I tried the strips and I saw no difference at all. Fortunately there is a money-back guarantee.

Currently trying the crest whitestrips and I’m impressed. I’m also switching off 1 treatment 1 day. 2 treatments the next, because it does kind of get weird feeling on my teeth even though it is just 1/2 an hour.

The difference is amazing. I had bought the pain on kind that you leave overnight and I dont think it worked as well and it also seemed to peel off during the night.

I do the Crest Whitestrips about once a year. They’re easy to use, I can fit it into my schedule, and I don’t have to worry about trays with my ultra sensitive gag reflex.

I also use a Sonicare toothbrush and have noticed that the whitening lasts much longer since I got it. I don’t smoke or drink coffee though–I would assume that results would vary in those cases.

My wife is using the night effects paint goop. It seems to be working fine … though no kisses from bedtime 'til morning tooth-brushing for 2 weeks does really suck.

Unlike lauramarlane, I had bought the Crest whitening strips, but my ultra-sensitive gag reflex has prevented me from using them. I will try it again shortly, but am pessimistic it will work for me. This is the same gag reflex which has made it impossible for me to effectively snorkel since I will gag if I try to leave the mouthpiece in unaided (one hand holding it to my lips).

I used the Whitestrips last year with good results, so I’m currently doing them again. They do feel a little awkward in your mouth, so I put them on before I drive to work and take them out when I get there. That way I won’t have to talk or look normal while they’re in! Another thing I do is use all the top strips first, then trim the bottom ones to fit. I use the excess from the bottom strips to brighten up the top a little more.

I’m currently using Crest Night Effects
They claim it is twice as good as the Colgate overnight.
It goes on like a coating of cement or stucco, feeling very foreign in the mouth.
It’s not easy to apply either, since it won’t stick to damp teeth and it’s hard to get your teeth dry in the yellower cracks.

It’s creepy until you go to sleep, and creepy when you wake up, and the odd taste lingers a while even after brushing.

So far, 7 nights, no noticable improvement.
But I drink coffee every morning, so I didn’t really have much hope.

Like diet pills, I have to try every one just to be sure they don’t work. ::sigh::

I have a dental tray and it works much better than I anticipated. But then I’m a pessimist about things like this, especially when I’ve been a smoker for years. And also since once I mentioned whitening to my dentist, it was all he wanted to discuss with me until I actually bought the appliance. (Despite my wisdom teeth being decades overdue for extraction, and persistent morning halitosis that my fiancee is all but fed up with.) So, it sounded like more marketing than real medicine to me, but hey - my wedding is coming up.

And you know, it actually did make a markedly noticable difference.

Anyway, here’s some tips if you’re gonna use the tray:

  • Get only the top tray first. The top teeth are far more noticeable than the bottom, and you save a good bit of money.

  • Ask your dentist to give you the 2-percent solution. It’s about the same price but much stronger than the one percent… (twice as strong, you know?)

  • You don’t need to leave it on overnight. Most of the effectiveness of the gel is gone after 45 minutes.

  • You can do two whitenings back to back.

  • In fact, it works better if you do, because once you open the syringe tube of whitening gel, it loses effectiveness quickly. Use half a tube per session and do them back to back, 45 minutes each.

If you’re a coffee drinker and want to maintain your new pearly whiteness, then keep a glass of water next to your coffee cup and swish with water after each sip of coffee.