Who hates Prince William?

On a very, very, very, very, very small scall, I can relate.
My father was a politician, and my older brother was as well.
Being born and raised to always be aware you are being watched, to know that anything you do will be reported on by people you don’t even know, to realize that no matter how innocent the fuck up, it will reflect on your family…

It makes for a shitty childhood.

Luckily, once I was 18 I was able to escape and move half way around the world.

Will and Harry can’t do that.

Cut them some slack.

And I would rather have William in our White House than the dumbass son of a President currently living there. William seems to have at least learned world history and has a shred of human compassion.

Not to mention a Prince Albert.

Quite so. The British Monarch makes no decisions and says nothing important in public. They do meet regularly with the Prime Minister, but no record of their discusssions is ever published.

All we know about the current lot is that they are pretty dysfunctional (alcoholics, gamblers, adulterers, bigots etc) and that we UK taxpayers support them (and many relatives) in the lifestyle they want.

Oh, and of course they are supposed to have children, preferably in wedlock.
Because automatic hereditary male succession is a proven formula for job success. :rolleyes:

N.B. Of course if William is good-looking, that means he has one of the (few) essential qualifications for a modern Monarch.

P.S. I would be happy for Charles to refuse the throne and marry his long-standing mistress. he should then, like any private citizen, be left in peace.
I do object to him using his full resources on a PR campaign to suggest that having had a mistress before, during and after his marriage makes him fit to be King (and Head of the Church of England).
Not only is he immoral, he is also cowardly and greedy.

I think he’s very attractive for one thing, and I think that he seems like a nice person. That’s more than you can say about most public figures.

I think that would improve my opinion of a King. At least it would be entertaining - genuinely so, rather than that boring tabloid/gossip magazine way.

You’re not the only ones. Australian tax payers are contributing $600 000 to the “Prince Harry Sits On Bondi Beach For A Year” fund. :rolleyes:

There was a great Ali G skit/segment/rant about how the Queen was a welfare cheat (she’s got many different names, many different addresses, etc.). Wish I could find it, but it might be in one of the books.

Well, he does seem kind of spoilt, and when he married lady di it seemed like he just wanted to make an heir. Looks good in a uniform and with a pointy sword and all, too.

Prince William married his mother? Jeez, that’s taking inbreeding a bit far.

I seem to remember (no cite) that Charles has said he will not be using Charles as his name if and when he becomes King. His reasoning being that there Charles hasn’t really worked out well for Kings.

Could be wrong but I’m sure that’s what I heard.

How did that extra “there” get in there?

I thought his mother was Queen Elisabeth or somesuch? Didn’t he marry Lady Di in a big televised spectacular?

No, that was Prince Charles. Prince William is his 21-year-old son. Perhaps it hasn’t helped your understanding that both people have been discussed in this thread, but here’s a picture of them together. Charles is on the left, William on the right.

Yeas, that’s correct. It’s been suggested that he would prefer to choose George VII, but there isn’t a direct quote even on his own website.

Re the OP, since I haven’t got much hate to spare, I prefer to save it for more deserving cases.

sheiss. William, Charles, I cannot keep up. I got the two confused. Those crazy brits and their monarchy crapfest! These people are particularly insane for throwing money at these idiots, no? We love them just the same, no matter how silly their customs are :smiley:

It must be wonderful to have castles and servants and more money than you know what to do with. Nevertheless I think it must suck big time to have to spend most of your adult life as the Prince Of Wales. Look at Charles. He’s past 50, and he’s still the Heir Apparent, and not the monarch, which is what he’s supposedly destined to be. QEII shows no sign of slowing down, and given the natural longevity of the family combined with access to the ultimate in the latest medical science, I can well imagine Charles might reach his 70’s before he ascends the throne.

Yes, and when part of Winsor Castle burnt down, its owner (the richest woman in the World) asked for public funds to rebuild it.
Strangely there was no response from the public.
Could the Monarch be … out of touch … with normal people?

I’m sure he’d rather be living in e.g. Ethiopia, wondering where his next meal is coming from.
Fancy having the awful prospect of inheriting millions and having to do the cushiest job in the World. Plus you get to be the Head of Church - no, Ethiopia it is. :rolleyes:

How nice - he’ll be able to celebrate decades of adultery! the perfect trait for a hereditary position… :smack:

J.K Rowling owns a castle?

(Isn’t Rowling richer than the Queen now?)

Of course JK Rowling works for a living. :smiley:

The Queen’s wealth depends on whether you include the ‘Royal Collection’ (e.g. crown jewels), which are technically the property of the nation. So QE2 is possibly worth about £16 billion with, and $0.5 billion without. (Of course UK and US billions are different :eek: ).


Still there certainly are claims that hard work has triumphed over herditary laziness:


I’ve been out of the loop since I left high school… but what happened to Prince Harry? Last I knew, he was still attending Eton, same as his brother… has he done something that William hasn’t?

My guess is that Charles is going to become King, and Camilla Parker Bowels is going to be queen… somehow. If they need to change a law for that to happen, that’s what will happen. (My guess).

Prince William will most likely become King earlier than his father did… and will most likely marry that Princess from Sweden. Not the heir to that thrown, but her younger sister.

Prince Harry will knock up some porn star… and they will live happily ever after.

Of course, this is just my guess…

Ah. I see. Thanks for clearing that up.

Surely they could hire a financial advisor and do some handy hare trading to beef up that half billion? Pro or anti monarchy, it’s just not fitting for some lowdown dirty writer being richer than our blessed queen. :wink: