Who hates Prince William?

I watched a documentary on Prince William last night and noticed that he’s pretty clean when he stacks up against other Brittish Monarchs and royalty. No scandals, no dirt and quite contemporary. Do you think this will stick? I wonder how my children will see him in 20 years. King maybe? Good, bad still sqeaky clean?

Anyone want to make predictions about his royal reputation in 20 years… Maybe this should be in MPSIMS…

Don’t know him personally but he is royalty which makes me predisposed to not really care about him.

His mother was annoying and his father is a moron though.

He’s a hunk a hunk of burning love. If only I was young again. <sigh>

I think they have groomed him well. He will make a good king if he stays on the same path as he is today.

I agree his father is a moron. But I disagree about his mother. Princess Diana was awesome and made positive changes in many people’s lives. I think her side of the family has contributed to William’s successful grooming.

I like his brothers pick-up line…

“Hey, why don’t you come back to my castle”

I will bet that works pretty well…

He used to drink in one of my Locals - the Duke Of Cambridge in Battersea (along with most of the rest of Eton’s sixth form). He was no more annoying than the average Etonian.

This used to amuse me enormously - The Prince of Wales* in the Duke of Cambridge. If only the Marquess of Granby could have been persuaded along…on a White Horse.

*yes yes I know…

I’m laying bets on Wills becoming the Princess Margaret of his generation.

What is wrong with the kid? Let’s face it he’s still for most parts a kid. How could someone so young, with such a wealthy background have a lot of dirt already?

Chances are he will be a fine King. It’s not like the title of King has a lot of power and importance for things to go wrong as it used to.

I always thought he seemed like a pretty charming kid and although he has outgrown much of his cuteness, I’d probably still do him. I feel a little sorry for him. It’s certainly not his fault that he was born into royalty. Growing up under those circumstances would warp just about anyone.

What chance does he have? He’s got two of the most unlikeable parents anyone could have had. I don’t “hate” him though ( that word has become rather devalued these days) I do however despise the class system and the priviledged Royals.
I predict in 20 years time he wil be married to another royal ( who has been approved by Buckingham Palace) and is well on his way to producing another lot of royals to live off the fat of the land.
Anti-Royal … moi? :slight_smile:


I’m predisposed to dislike anything or anyone the media tries to force down my throat repeatedly, but from what I can tell he seems like a pretty down to earth kid, especially considering his upbringing.

Like it was pointed out above, it’s not like the title of King carries much weight anymore. I’m pretty sure he’ll, out of either habit or pressure, conform to what society and Buckingham Palace expects of him and he’ll ride the wave of his birth privilege until the end.

He’d look much cuter with a ball gag and harness, IMHO.

Prince Willy is okay, but that bratty kid brother of his needs to be smacked around a bit.

Ditto. I know it’s bourgeois to pick on Diana, but I just can’t abide women who become famous and/or famously pitied for their lack of discernment.

Will is okay, but I’m not sure he’ll become King. I think it’ll be Harry through some sordid twist of fate.

Why in the world does everyone hate the Prince of Wales so much? His character has always seemed absolutely first rate to me; I’ve long been certain I’d like him enormously if we ever met.

William seems cast in much the same mould.
(Harry OTOH often seems like a belligerent little thug. With any luck the Army will knock it out of him.)

I’m with you Reuben I like Charlie. He seems very intelligent, has a dry wit and takes his role seriously. He understands that he is in a position of privilege and appears to work hard in his “duties” without being a media darling. Much the same mould as his mum and sister. Di couldn’t cope and turned into a grandstanding basket case IMO.

William could go either way. He will have been trained to to be royal but he is living in a different society to the one his father was bought up in and is under constant media scrutiny. Good luck to him.

I agree with Reuben - Charles seems like a decent bloke. He may have been emotionally fucked up and his marriage may have been a sham, but he has a quiet intelligence and strong opinions. I wouldn’t mind him being Charles III*.

Wills & Harry? Couldn’t give a bollocks, but then I’m anti-monarchist (*well, I think the monarchy needs serious reform). Harry has spirit, I suppose.

Prince William is a tosser imho. Never like Princess Diana much (that way she used to turn her head when she looked at people really irritated me and William does it too.)

Harry is ok. He’s a bit dense but at least he’s not a complete nob like William.

How the hell can you make a bad king? All the job really requires is attending ceremonies and living off the public purse.

Making your horse a counsellor and that kind of thing.

Kings ought to be regal.

I could give a f*@# less about whoever the Brits and their moronic royalty. But no, I don’t hate the fellow. Best of luck to him, and I hope he can find some way to avoid become a crowned head of state and just stay a normal human being …