Who haunts the SDMB?

I was walking alone last night between General Questions and MPSIMS. The board was slow, I don’t think anyone else was around. I heard a sound, kind of like a dragging chain. I began to walk a little faster. I heard a muffled voice, but couldn’t make out what it was saying. I decided it might be prudent to go to IMHO instead, being a bit closer and all. I think the voice might have been rambling on about circumcision, but I was pretty spooked.

Could it be that Wildest Bill still haunts the nether regions of the SDMB? What other ghosts linger in the background? I’m Leonard Nimoy. Keep watching the skis.


I think you mean Sonny Bono.

:smack: Did I say that out loud?

Don’t worry. If JDT makes a return appearance, I’m sure the knives will be out.

I’d like to think Wally still watches over us, chuckling at our strange brand of humor, and clanks a few chains now and then.

Well I was mooching along near GD last night, mindin’ my own business. Suddenly, I hear a spine chilling sound. It was a voice. I could only make out a few words, but what I heard was enought to send chills down my spine…

“…a generalized axiomic standard which others have been convinced is uttered only to save lives as a contract of social convention with respect to suidicide which incidentally is now coded into law itself so that this useful convention is not abused for the Coersion of existential suicidal…”

It scared the bejeezuz out of me, and I ran as fast as I could to the safety of IMHO, where I was greeted at the door by Bibliophage.

Could Justhink still lurk the fora, if only in spirit?

What about our dear departed furry friend, SloMo? Surely he looks down upon us, as he sips a Pina Colada in Valhalla.

It probably came from here

If you say “Blowjob” three times in a mirror, KayKay shows up.

I see banned people.

I suspect it’s the Robotic Ayn Rand, from here–


The original always tried to pass herself off as an intellectual, & the software probably roams the Web like a virus. A VD virus. :stuck_out_tongue: