Who here has seen at least 3 of the 14 (yes, 14) Air Bud movies?

If so, help us out in the 5 word movie review game thread!

I’ve seen all but fourteen of them.

Out of curiosity, is there continuity between the movies? Is it ostensibly the same dog throughout the series?

If you offer a dog actor 1% of the gross, does he expect 7%?

I believe most of them are the “Buddies” movies, about puppies rather than the original dog. Unless those are unconnected and further sidequels.

I have seen a grand total of none of them.

Well, like I said in the game thread, they keep making them so SOMEbody is watching these things.

There’s no rule that dogs can’t post on an internet forum

I’m not sure I can help, but I’m sure I saw at least two with the main dog on Disney Channel (basketball and volleyball), and I own Santa Buddies. (It was cheap, and I wanted cheesy Christmas movies.)

First group would just be “No rule dog’s can play” and the latter would be “Santa’s dog’s son saves Christmas.”

On the internet, nobody knows you watch dog movies.

Gimme a brief synopsis of the plot, or how it made you feel, even if over 5 words. I’ll try and distill it down to 5 for you if you don’t want to play the game. I *could * Just look it up on wiki or imdb, but We’d prefer the words/thoughts of someone who has seen them, even if it’s from a mostly stranger on the internet. Instead of a complete stranger, anyway…

Of course I don’t blame you if you’d rather not think about those particular movies ever again. I can’t imagine they were…my type of movie.

There are 24 Air Bud movies.


My son has seen several. He went through a phase and they were all on Netflix or something.

At some point, you know they’re going to be making Air Buddies: I Know, I Know, But Curling Is The Only Sport We Hadn’t Gotten Around To Yet. And, somehow, it will sell just fine.

You misunderstand. Maybe I was unclear. I gave my five word plot summaries. “No Rule Dog’s Can’t Play” covers all the main Air Bud movies. And then “Santa’s dog’s son saves Christmas” is the plot of Santa Buddies. (Though, admittedly, it was Santa’s dog’s son’s fault in the first place that Christmas needed saving.)

What I am unsure about is how I can play now that I’ve given away what movies I’m referencing.

I haven’t seen any of them.

However, we actually own most of the Land Before Time movies – at least the ones until MiliCal got to old to care about them. But there are only 14 of those.



Actually if you look at the individual frranchise lists, there are 5 Air Bud Movies, 9 Air Buddies movies, 4 MVP movies (starring a chimp), 2 Pup Star movies, and 4 classified as “other”.

I have never even heard of these. Was I sleeping under a rock? No, seriously, how well known is this franchise?

I would say it’s very well known, yet seldom seen unless you have a child.

The point of the movie is “dog (usually a golden retreiver) does human sport” and they’ve covered most of them. I want to say the reason it’s even called “Air Bud” is because the first movie was about basketball.

Oh! duh! :smack: Oh well. We’ve already moved past the Air Bud hangup in the game. I encourage everyone to come play with us!

Hmm. I have kids 3 and 1, but apparently they haven’t been exposed to it yet. I know Paw Patrol and Chuggington and Maisy Mouse, but we haven’t gotten to Air Bud yet, apparently.

Air Bud had a theatrical release 20 years ago. It made a decent profit. The sequel was a failure. All the others were straight to DVD. The were also shown on the Disney Channel from time to time. If you didn’t have kids of the right age there was no reason for you to know about them.

Yeah your kids are too young. 5-10 is probably about right. There is no reason for them to be exposed to the franchise unless they run it on Disney.

The first one was loosely based on a true story about a dog that could shoot baskets. It got worse and worse. The Buddies talked.