Who's watching The Puppy Bowl?

Puppy Bowl
Animal Planet
3pm EST


Kitten Bowl
Hallmark Channel
12pm EST

The Fish Bowl
Nat Geo
6pm EST

Oddly, there’s no counter-programming on Lifetime.

I will alternate! Also The Walking Dead Marathon is on, gearing up for next week’s return, and of course Downton Abbey.

When is the Bud Bowl on?

More exciting than the “Super” Bowl. Watching AP now.

I love the puppy bowl. Always fun to see.

There’s a football game today?

I always watch the Puppy Bowl.

Did you see the commericial with an old dog from the first Puppy Bowl?

Bud Bowl was cancelled. The Clydesdales complained they weren’t getting enough air time. Actually, I think the real reason was, the intent was to get people to watch commercials late in the game even if it was a blowout, but when Budweiser realized that Bud Bowl had been “played out,” they reduced them to one commercial per game (especially when a blowout was expected), then pulled them entirely.

Bud-related fact: contests involving beer companies are illegal in California. I think it has something to do with fears that it would get people to buy more beer at gas station markets and result in more drinking-and-driving.

My wife watched the Kitten Bowl. Or at least part of it.

Hallmark tried too hard.
What’s so hard about a room full of kittens and toys?
Way too much time with the “broadcast crew in the booth” and too many lame puns.
And I like puns. A dozen clever puns are better than forcing several dozen puns into every possible situation.

It’s gone too commercial! Just product placement.

I don’t mind billboards in back, it’s the things like the Bissel Pee Cleaner that bug.

Less hamsters, less chickens, more puppies! Thats’ what we’re here for!

But hey, Animal Planet has gone to crap. Almost no Too Cute! and too much Pitbulls and Paroles. And now some new faux-reality show about Gold. Where’s the animals??