Who here likes Sublime as much as i do?

Sublime’s career ended back in 1996 with the death of lead singer Bradley Nowell but they still remain to be my absolute favorite band. I have not ever heard a song by them that i didn’t like. Everything they have put out has been better than most music I think I’ll get to hear. Nowell poured his heart and soul into his performances. (just download any one of their music videos) Most of my friends like them a lot too. Who else hear holds them in this high of a regard? Anyone?

I used to be into Sublime for a while a few years ago; they definitely had a great sound. But I’m curious what your opinion is of the Long Beach Dub All-Stars, the grouped formed by former Sublime members. I bought their first (only?) album, which I found to be middling and contrived at best. I suppose Nowell’s death couldn’t be compensated for by the surviving guys.

I’m a huge Sublime fan. I thought the death of Bradley Nowell was one of the most tragic losses of modern music. I think he was (if I may be so bold) sublimely talented.

That being said … Acoustic: Bradley Nowell & Friends was one of the worst cd’s I ever spent money on. It’s a horrible mish-mash of song parts and starts and stops and ramblings that sounds as though it was recorded on boom box. A soulless whoring of Bradley Nowell that the record pumped out to make a few more sheckles … and I fell for it.

Other than that, I agree whole-heartedly with the OP.

Nowell is god. One of the greatest songwriters of our generation. his voice is too beautiful for words. I would trade ten years of my life for one more sublime album. all the praise that nirvana gets is what sublime deserves.