Who here listens to the 'Yeah Yeah Yeahs?'

If you think the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are punk, then you are in need of serious music education, my friend. :slight_smile:

thats why I said Punk/Rock???

You live in a city with one of the richest history of punk and underground bands in the world. With such great and diverse acts as The Fall, Joy Division, New Order, The Buzzcocks, Chamelons, The Smiths, The Stone Roses and um, The Bee Gees, all hailing from your little corner of the world.

Do you like any of those?

The lead singer of the Smiths was born in Urmston ajoining my town, Stretford. And my mum knew Robin gibbs niece. No I don’t particulary like any of those bands.

Wait! I do like the Stone Roses, they are class :slight_smile: