Who here listens to the 'Yeah Yeah Yeahs?'

I bought ‘Fever to Tell’ a couple of weeks back, because I like fell in love with Karen O (the lead singer) I have to say it was the most wisest desicion I made!!! It truly is an amazing CD. I was justr wondering if anyone had bought it too? If so what were your first impression of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs? And do you really think Karen O is a style icon?


Hooray!!! Someone on here likes them!!! Cool man Cool!

I dig them too! I got their five-song EP, but haven’t had a chance to hear the new album yet. I haven’t even seen Karen O, but if she’s half as sexy as she sounds, then she’s one helluva woman.

I’m really into this revival of stripped-down garage rock-n-roll bands like the White Stripes, Strokes, Raveonettes, and Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Do you like any of those others?

I’d never heard of them before Karen O. was profiled on All Things Considered a few days ago.

I’ve still never heard a whole song, but I really like the clips they played on NPR and I plan to get a CD.

I have the EP as well. Good stuff.

The strokes new song 12:51 is cool, I like the Tron edge it had got :stuck_out_tongue:

I have Fever To Tell. I don’t think it’s as amazing as most people seem to, but it’s still some nice, raw rock. Haven’t heard that kind of energy captured in the studio in a while.

I bought the 5 EP as a guilty pleasure a season back or so. The songs had pretty well become old hat by then. My friends, seeing me carrying it out of the store, looked at me as if I had just bought 3 crates of Depends or something.

Poor band, no group should have to experience being -that- hyped after only writing what, 6, 7 songs?

That said, I’ve had a blast waking up in the morning and putting on the EP and singing into a juice bottle as if it were a microphone. . . . :slight_smile:

It’s nice to hear that Siouxsie is still acknowledged by the occasional disciple.

I love it. It’s a whole lot better than the sludge-rock that the garage revival has become. Especially the end of the album with the Maps-Y-Control-Modern Romance finish. Very special. It’ll be interesting to hear what they do next, because they seem to be pulling themselves out of the New Rock cliche and into something a lot more interesting.

I went to see them last week, but they only played 5 songs! A few songs into the set, Karen O was leaning over one of the monitors and fell off the stage, hitting her head. After lying on the stage for the rest of the song, she struggled to her feet and did Maps before announcing that she had to go to the hospital. The she just left the stage, leaving me thinking “I hope she’s OK,” and “I payed forty dollars for five songs?”

I’ve only heard one song, the one that goes “they don’t love you like I love you”, but I thought it was absolutely fantastic. Reminded me of early Wire, or the Swell Maps. Can you guys tell me if that’s typical of their sound?

Never heard of them, but can’t resist the obvious joke.

Can my sister get your autograph? She loves you Yeah Yeah Yeahs!

(I can’t really think of a good setup, but the punchline is all that matters)

No, IMHO that’s the only good song they have. It’s called ‘Maps’ by the way and it’s one of the best songs of 2003. I’d recommend ‘Staring At The Sun’ by TV On The Radio if you want to hear something similar, featuring Yeah Yeah Yeah’s guitar player (I think), it’s also an incredible new song, perhaps even better.

The Guitar player is Nick Zinner, and the Drummer (Brian Chase) has his own band too called The Seconds, they’re all follow similar lines to the YYY’s, and believe me, MAPS isn’t the only good song on Fever to Tell

I like ‘Y-Control’ and ‘Modern Romance’ as well, but ‘Maps’ is the only song of theirs I’ll remember in a year. Don’t get me wrong, I like YYY, I really do. If their next album follows in the same vein as the last three songs on Fever To Tell it’s going to be so killer, I can’t hardly wait. You should check out Tv On The Radio, actually both the guitar player and the drummer from YYY is featured on their brilliant debut EP, I really think you’d like it.

Are The Sounds any good?

The Sounds are like a neo-blondie, my friend on LJ listened to them, but didn’t like them. The Sounds are from Scandinavia, haha thats all I know :slight_smile:


Actually I meant to ask you about The Seconds, since you mentioned them in your previous post. All these stupid The-- garage bands, I can’t tell them apart any longer. The Sounds, like almost all Scandinavian bands are horrible.

as for the Seconds, couldn’t tell you either, but meh, I reckon if they are a third as good as the YYY’s then I’d give them a good listen. To think a year ago I didn’t even know what Punk/Rock was!!

I’m so happy to have found my niche :slight_smile:

I’ve heard 4 or 5 songs and don’t really care for them.