who here was in or is in dental school

working on a DDS or DMD?

How copious is the studying material? i hear the first 2 years are alot worse than the next 2 years.

Can you describe the intensity of the schooling necessary (graduate level) to become a dentist? how many hours a week do you need to spend studying and reading to stay on top of things? is it as many as medical school, like 40-50 hours a week outside of class? or is it harder than undergrad but not as hard as medical school, more along the lines of 35 hours a week of reading and studying?

My older brother wants to go to dental school, and he seems to think that in the first 2 years you need about 25 hours a week to read and study outside of class. I’m assuming this is far too few (based on the fact that an MD requires 2x that), so i’m wondering if any of you can help me out.