Who in real life would make a good Bond villain?

Inspired by Simplicio’s post in this thread, I was wondering what person that is currently living may one day snap and turn into a real life super villain.

From that post, Gaddafi’s already got the requisite Praetorian Guard around him with his female bodyguards. He’s a the leader of a not-so-nice country, so he’s got power and wealth. But as recently as a few years ago he stopped all work on nukes which is something I don’t think a villain would do, unless he’s got some secret stash somewhere.

My first temptation would be to think about all of the rich and powerful people currently alive would CAN do something like this. However, many of them won’t. Obama’s the leader of the most powerful country in the world, but that doesn’t automatically qualify him. For one thing, he’s a nice guy, his country’s legislative body can block him, and like a large percentage of the country think he’s already evil so won’t follow him. So he wouldn’t make the cut.

Bill Gates is rich, but he’s a philanthropist and doesn’t seem to harbor any world-ending obsessions.

So what real life person has the power, wealth, influence, and most of all, the desire to possibly become a super villain? Dick Cheney? Ahmadinejad? Kim Jong Il’s probably the closest living equivalent, but he just likes to scare people and hasn’t really done anything terrible (except to his own countrymen).

Ann Coulter

I forget the name of the group, but they’re a weird religious/scientific group/cult that claimed to have cloned a human being a few years back. One of their spokespersons was a PhD (maybe two PhDs) who I remember being somewhat hot but with really crazy eyes. She’d be a great Bond villain as would the organization she represents.

Dick Cheney, who’s responsible for the deaths of many people who are not his countrymen. I don’t know if he’d warrant the super-high-tech fortress at sea and a stack of jumpsuit-clad henchmen, but he fits the profile.

Dick Cheney is my choice. Give him a white cat, and maybe a monocle and he would fit right in without further embellishment. I could see Kim Jong Il playing Oddjob though.

Lady Gaga.

No, wait…she’d make a good Batman villain. Or at least a good Batman-from-the-60s villain. Pokerface!

Dick Cheyney as The Penguin in the new Batman. Just give him the monacle and cigarette holder “whanh whanh whanh”.

Arnold Schwarzenegger — you just know that one day he is going to plant a nuke in the San Andreas fault and hold the whole coastline to ransom.

The Raelians

That would be the Raelians

Donald Trump has the requisite greed and flamboyance, if I can ever figure out how wanting to control the real estate market can morph into a satisfactory plan for world domination and evil genius-level secret hideaway.

Lyndon LaRouche is nearly 90, but in other ways could fill the bill perfectly. From Wikipedia: “His supporters see him as a political leader in the tradition of Roosevelt and Martin Luther King, Jr., and a brilliant thinker who has been unfairly persecuted, while critics regard him as a cult leader, a conspiracy theorist, a fascist, and an anti-Semite.”

Ask Lex Luthor in the first Superman movie!

Vladmir Putin.

What do I win?

Easy call. Glenn Beck.

Erik Prince, former CEO of Blackwater, would be an excellent Bond villain. Private army, no morals or ethics, happy to kill innocents, support by corrupt high level officials. And pretty secretive also. I always expected to see this guy with a cat.

No, he’s sort of the Salacious Crumb to Rush Limbaugh’s Jabba.
Sad, isn’t it? Maxwell’s Equations come and go, but Star Wars trivia stays in the head forever.

Rachel Maddow

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I was reading an article in a magazine a few years ago about Jay-Z’s growing business empire. The pictures of the man living the high life and holding court have convinced me that he would be a perfect “evil businessman” Bond villain.

Someone needs to make this happen for the next Bond movie.

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Richard Branson

This thread has made me wonder - is Forbes the definitive guide to the richest people on Earth, or are there likely to be people who say to Forbes, “You print my name in that rag of yours and I’ll buy it and make sure there is never a Forbes Rich List again. Kapiche?”?