Who Invented Clothes?

At some point in time someone decided that we humans can’t walk around naked. So who invented the concept of having to put on clothes to cover up? And just who decided that it’s O.K. to see a bare male chest all over the place, but a woman’s bare chest is something more sacred to be covered up? I’ve always been curious, but maybe I’m just horny. :slight_smile:

Jason Charnick
Los Angeles, CA

A fascinating subject that can’t be answered in a single post, at least I can’t.

Try this link for starters:



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From my 1959 Encyclopaedia Britannica:

Modesty is not innate in man, and its conventional nature is easily seen from a consideration of the different ideas held by different cultures on this subject.

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“Winter teaches a naked woman how to knit.”

Somone probably invented clothes to protect them from the environment. Sharp needles on plants, landscapes might have been tough on the feet, the blistering sun, or the freezing cold. Scratch that…the first clothes were probably ornamental or possibly sacred.


MGibson has it right. From the link (The nature and purposes of dress section):

Perhaps the most obvious function of dress is to provide warmth and protection. Many scholars believe, however, that the first crude garments and ornaments worn by humans were designed not for utilitarian but for religious or ritual purposes.

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