Who invented USB?

I don’t mean Intel. Who was the person who first thought of it?


Here’s a quote:

USB Implementers Forum, Inc. is a non-profit corporation founded by the group of companies that developed the Universal Serial Bus specification.

The USB-IF, Inc. Board of Directors is composed of the following companies and their designated representative Directors:

Compaq Computer Corporation- Ken Stufflebeam
Hewlett-Packard Company- Ed Beeman
Intel Corporation- Jason Ziller
Lucent Technologies- Kevin Lynch
Microsoft Corporation- Brad Carpenter
NEC Corporation- Takahiro Tokuume
Philips – Chris Vandenbulcke

from this http://www.usb.org/info.html website

Hope it helps.

You might learn more at http://www.usb.org/info.html

to quote the site

It doesn’t say WHO invented it but as is usual with many new computer technologies, there is a group of people working together to make it such. Then the IEEE standards come in to ensure the technology is standardized. http://www.ieee.org .

So to kind of answer you, Intel wasn’t the only one involved in the process.

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It’s called “Stereo” :wink: