Who is behind ER's version of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"?

So who saw ER last night?

Can anyone please tell me who’s version of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”
was used near the end?

It is an excellent version, and there are only so many times that one can rewind
a VCR tape to watch a song on TV before one loses one’s mind/dignity.


Ah Crap.

Ok, of course, stupid stupid Sneeze, there is the answer, right in another obviously marked post.

My deepest apologies.


Well, I’m too lazy to look, so I’ll just be redundant:

Israel Kamakawiwo’ole. (Say that one three times fast!)

The last half of it is “Wonderful World,” so it’s really two songs in one.

The music from this song (just the intro maybe) sounds so familiar…was it in a commercial?
Or should this be in that OTHER thread?

It’s been on other movies as well…I think it was Finding Forrester…that one with Sean Connery…and I dunno about commercials…might have been but then again, it might have been one of those Hawai’i only commercials…

The album that song is on are Ka 'Ano’i, Facing Future. And after Braddah Iz’s passing in 1997, a CD called Alone in IZ World was released…his version of Mona Lisa is so…nice… would recommend any of his CD’s…


The intro was used in a bunch of cute eToys commercials about 2 years ago.