Who is going to populate hell?

Looks like some perverted priests and homicidal mullahs are going straight to hell, along with the usual swindlers and lawyers.

The bigger they come, the harder they fall.

I wonder how the Stalinists, Nazis, Sadamites, Al Queda members, Jewish supremists, womanizers, alcoholics, politicians gamblers and nasty mullahs will get along in hell? Maybe they will have separate neighborhoods.

I don’t think alcoholism and gambling makes you go straight to Hell…unless you’re living in some parallel universe from me? And as for, “sadamy”- should I even ask? :slight_smile:

At any rate, I think most of those worth knowing will be there. I’d like to reserve a room…at least for a visit, y’know?

Anyways…where are we going and what’s with the handbasket?

Does sadamy have something to do with Iraq?

There is no Hell, so I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

No, no, no. You’re pronouncing it the wrong way. Sadamites are extremist fans of the singer Sade. :smiley:

Just think of all the people who are so sure they are going to heaven, and the surprise they’re in for when they wind up (or down as it were) in the other place.

Heaven for climate, hell for society. - Mark Twain

Or perhaps fans of the Marquis de Sade? Is he going to be down there, too?

I’ve always worried about how hell was going to be populated as well. Fewer and fewer things are considered immoral every day in our mainstream culture. Nowadays you can be a real turd and people will acknowledge you’re still basically a good guy. The only things most people today think will get them into hell is if they kill or abuse anybody that didn’t “deserve” it, or if they are chronically insenstive to the plight of minorities.

Then again I suppose it would be a good thing if only those kind of people went to hell, because that means I’d be livin it up with a bunch of sexy angels when I die.

I’ve always felt that heaven and hell are subjective. If someone truly doesn’t believe they did anything wrong, they’ll go to their heaven but in the minds of other people those people will rot in hell. I’m sure Charles Manson doesn’t believe he’s going to hell and if he does I’m sure it’s because he thinks he has a job waiting for him down there.

MY bags are packed…

According to some I’m going to hell because I like porkchops. Well damnit if that the price I have to pay for bacon than so be it.

Bacon tastes good.
Porkchops taste good.
By the way, ask your average Al Queda member, Jewish supremist (whatever that is) or “nasty mullah” how concerned they are about going to “Hell”. You may as well tell them they’re going to Never-Never Land to give Peter Pan blowjobs for eternity.

According to Pat Benatar, children! :smiley:

Scientologists are definitely going to be there. Probably holding whips, too…

I’ll know people when I get there, at least.