Who is Lenny in JL8

The JL8 webcomic, which can be found at http://jl8comic.tumblr.com/, is a resetting of the justice league and associated villians in the third grade. It’s adorable.

However, I can’t identify one of the villians. It’s the one named Lenny (who features in the recent run of strips). He’s hanging out with Solomon Grundy and Lex Luther, and wears a blue parka and shades wherever he goes. Anybody know who he’s supposed to represent?

Leonard Snart-Captain Cold.

Well, that was quick. Thanks!

No prob…and I didn’t even look at your link. I’m just a big fan of Flash’s Rogue Gallery.

That strip is fantastic. It works better than the adult version because their problems are so much realer to them than alien invasions. Real characters have real problems. Even that Neil guy probably knows that. :slight_smile:

My husband and I are fans, too.

Thanks for sharing that. I really enjoyed it. Reminds me a lot of Aaron Williams’ PS238

That’s really cool. I went back to the first one to read them in order, in the first strip Alfred tells Bruce he has to go to school or “no Gray Ghost tonight” - a cute reference to the Beware the Gray Ghost episode of “Batman: the Animated Series” where adult Bruce meets the actor from his favorite childhood TV show “The Gray Ghost,” voiced by Adam West.

Holy crap, it just kept getting better and better. He totally nails the characters, especially the Clark-Bruce dynamic. Awesome.

I’m also impressed by how creepy he made the eight year old Joker.

Neil is Neil Gaiman? Cute. I don’t know most of the villains though. Is there a cheat sheet somewhere?

I’ll spoiler it in case you want to keep guessing:

Tall pale kid - Solomon Grundy
Red haired kid in suit - Lex Luthor
Kid with toys - Toyman
Kid in red hoodie - Joker (“Red Hood” is the Joker’s pre-Joker identity)
Lenny in blue hood and weird glasses - Captain Cold
Girl in green outfit with flowers - Poison Ivy
Girl with fur coat and cat ears - Cheetah

I know, right? When I figured out he was the Joker I head slapped and had to go back and start the playground scenes over.

On the third page, with the headshots of all the villains:

Bully: Solomon Grundy.

Prankster: Toyman

Thief: Captain Cold

Manipulator: Poison Ivy

Fanatic: Cheetah

Narcissist: Lex Luthor

Clown: The Joker

Red Hood! :smack: Totally missed that!

Subtle, right? :smiley: There are little jokes and references all through it. There’s one on #136 where Hal, Barry and J’onn are talking about a story with a “super powerful robot guy” that I feel like is probably a reference I’m missing.

Also, the page with Superman’s speech about the costumes not making them grown ups needs to be tattooed, upside down, on Dan DiDio’s chest.

Joe Quesada’s, too, just for good measure.

This is great! Thanks for introducing me to it!

Another “thank you for bringing this into my life.”

I’m pretty sure they’re talking about the Avengers movies.

Barry’s psyched for the second because the villain will be Ultron, the super-awesome robot. Hal’s confused because the first one ended with a stinger suggesting it was going to be Thanos. J’onn still hasn’t seen it.