Who is Lenny in JL8

Fits perfectly. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Thanks for this. I had no idea who this girl was, and I’ve never heard of Cheetah. Not a big WW fan, I guess.

But I have to love that panel you linked to. The naked wild beast she transforms into not merely likes her jewelry, her toenails are painted purple. So are the claws that her fingernails grow into. What a fantastic ad that would be! Let your fingernails grow. Our stretch purple covers them all!

That’s if you can lift your gaze from the scissoring pose she and WW are in. I don’t really get comic book porn, but I know it when I see it. That panel must have caused earthquakes at deviantart and launched a thousand … homages.

Actually, neither did I. I did a Google search on “DC villain leopard lady” to figure out who she was. I guess the writer needed at least one villain from Wonder Woman’s rogues gallery, and an eight year old Egg Fu is a hard sell.

Also tried to find a recent image of her that was a little less naked. Couldn’t find any. Even the Paul Dini version from the television cartoons is notably pantsless.

I’m sure William Moulton Marston approves.

Cheetah’s actually one of Wondie’s biggest enemies, at least from CoIE onward. ESPECIALLY in the last decade.

And she was briefly clothed a few years ago (but the patterning on the pants actually made her look like she was wearing chaps with no pants under them), but mostly she’s a nude anthropomorph (no doubt to emphasize the animal), or a completelynormal human in a full-body cheetah suit.

BTW, there was also a male Cheetah, who was also naked.

Heh. I saw that picture when I was doing my image search, and I thought, “Jesus, that artist is way off model. He made Cheetah look like a dude!”

How often does a new strip of this get published? I read through the entire archives the day this thread was posted, and I haven’t seen a new one yet, but I’m eager.

It says at the top of the page “A new strip every week,” but some recent posts mention being behind.

For those interested, JL8 is back from hiatus. I personally like the limbero format better, hence me linking to that.