Who is on the Mustache Mount Rushmore?

Not some random person online who has a great mustache, but someone known for their mustache.

My off-the-top-of-my-head candidates

Tom Selleck
Uncle Pennybags
Sam Elliott
Hulk Hogan
Charlie Chaplin (too Hitler-esque possibly)
Rollie Fingers
Ambrose Burnside
Geraldo Reivera
Burt Reynolds
Freddy Mercury

Ron Swanson. What do I win?

Adolf Hitler
Joseph Stalin
Fu Manchu
Salvador Dali
Groucho Marx

Ming the Merciless/Fu Manchu/Dr. Zin

GMTA :smiley:

Nietzsche, author of “Man and Superstache.”

This was going to be my nomination, so instead I’ll say:

Roger C. Carmel

Good ones!

Snidely Whiplash
Harry Reems

I’m sorry, butMark Twain’s mustachewas the alpha and omega of mustaches. His was the one true mustache, the *only *true mustache, of which all other mustaches are mere shadows.

Adolph Hitler
Frito Bandito
Rollie Fingers
Burt Reynolds

He’s already on Mount Rushmore - Teddy Roosevelt!

Honorable mentions:
Wilford Brimley
Gene Shalit

Al “the Mad Hungarian” Hrabosky

Trapper John (as played by Elliott Gould)

William Powell

I was just going to say that!

Frank Zappa
Salvador Dali

Clark Gable or Errol Flynn for an example of the non-bushy well groomed style.

Wyatt Earp

Gamel Nasser
Saddam Hussein
Anwar Sadat
Frank Zappa
Pancho Villa
David Crosby

Earl Hickey.

Deadwood lawman Seth Bullock (the real one)

Eugene Hütz