Who is on this pocket schedule?

I’ve asked around and cannot get an answer, so I come here. If you guys can’t answer this, then no one can. This is a 2006 Kansas City Brigade pocket schedule. Who is on it?


Thank you!

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For reference to other posters, the Kansas City Brigade was a team in the Arena Football League; 2006 was the Brigade’s inaugural season.

I found this listing of the 2006 Brigade roster, but alas, it doesn’t list uniform numbers.

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I think its Chris Pointer
Seen at 7:43

He was their most successful defensive player, so it makes sense he’d be featured on the schedule.

Chris Pointer it is!

Check out this image, he’s wearing the #3 jersey in it:

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I have a couple more pocket schedules lying around that are mysteries to me. If I can find them I might post them here, too.

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I found a couple more. Who might these guys be?

https://ibb.co/HKPVQ2j (Justin Holmes? Steve Young?)

https://ibb.co/51pWWVr (no idea)

Thank you!

Geoff McCallum as a complete guess. From the picture, you can narrow it down to a lefty and probably white. McCallum was their leading batter in 2004 with the best BA in franchise history, so it makes sense that he’d be featured on the 2005 schedule.


Looks like the Beach Bums one is in fact Steve Young. This link has a post from 2008 of an autographer getting 3 Beach Bums pocket schedules signed by Steve T. Young. This lists Steve T. Young as playing with the Beach Bums in 2007 an 2008. Makes sense.