Who is smarter, you or your SO?

Book smarts: Her
Street smarts: Her
Culturally aware: Me
Useless trivia: Me

The Highwayman is definitely smarter than I am.

But I got better grades at our JC!

We’re both smart, but most people would probably label me the “smart one” just because I’m good at math and science. But she absolutely dwarfs me in other areas of intelligence which, unfortunately, don’t get as much respect. For instance, she’s a thousand times better at dealing with emotionally charged and sensitive situations. (I don’t really know how to interact with people other than total honesty or detached politeness.) And her ability to read people and predict them is absolutely uncanny.

Let me put it this way: she’s smart in a way that keeps me humble.

I could have written the OP too. I have always been labeled “smart.” My husband has not. In his case, I strongly believe that it wasn’t all his fault when he was in school because he had ADD (wasn’t diagnosed until he was a junior in H.S.). Our IQs are almost identical, with mine only a point or two above his. But like many of you have said, we’re smart in different ways. He’s always been mechanically inclined and can take apart and put together just about anything. He amazes some people with his knowledge of guns, which are a major hobby of his. I can spell just about anything and write for a living, while his spelling and writing skills are seriously lacking. I’ve always got my nose in a book. He reads Guns & Ammo. I know a bunch of useless shit. Everyone wants me on their trivia team, and I fool many people into thinking I’m smarter than I am. I’m a lucky guesser and a master at bullshit.

To answer the second question, kind of: In all honesty, I wouldn’t be with him if I didn’t find him intellectually stimulating. That’s one of the most important things to me in a relationship.

We’re about equal, but in completely different areas. I’m good at books and such, he’s a math and physics person. We are both pretty good at trivia. I do more practical things, but he’s good at fixing stuff. We make a pretty good team.

I suspect that he’s got a few points on me on the IQ scale, but in practical terms we’re equal.

Totally depends on the area. She is a nurse with legal training. I am a history/government/economics/english/debate teacher with a mind for trivia. She handles the checkbook, I fix stuff, we both cook.

My SO, for sure…she chose me. :slight_smile:

My intelligence is a mile wide and an inch deep – I kill at trivia. However, if you want someone who can actually analyze a problem, figure out a solution and understand how to implement the solution, then you want my wife.

However, she does concede that I can make her laugh.

I think we’re about equal in smarts. I may have a higher IQ and higher test scores, but he blew my GPA away in high school and majored in something much harder than me in college. He works in a place where brains are all that matters (yes, he is a rocket scientist! And works with lasers and optics), and I went on to get my law degree.

I’m much faster at learning and reading, but he kills me in Trivial Pursuit every time. I have a bigger vocabulary but he has the memory. I work with my hands at crafts and he work with his imagination designing games.

I find him intellectually stimulating and surprising :slight_smile:

My wife is more verbal, has a better memory, has read more, and is a lot better at research than I. Since we both have advanced degrees in English, this puts her at a distinct advantage. (She’s also a better listener and more thoughtful of others, but we put this down to the usual female/male stereotypes.) Then again, I’m more comfortable around computers and logic games.

I think we’re about equal… but on different things.

I messed up my degree but have rallied from it - she has a very good degree, and excellent academic prospects. She’s great at talking and meeting people and fitting in, whereas I’m quiet and insular.

However, I’ve got her bang to rights on science, technology, computers, understanding how things work (and learning new things like that). I think I have a broader spectrum of knowledge, too (thanks in no small part to Unca Cece). She’s constantly surprised by things that I know - in language, literature, even Classics (her field).

I’m the logical one (sometimes a bit too Spock-like), but she is so good at being patient with me and explaining why sometimes logic isn’t the be all and end all.

I taught her maths for the GRE when she was going to Harvard - and then she went and got the highest score ever recorded for maths in that test centre (London) - so she’s not short on mathematical ability.

I’m so proud of her.

I’d have to go with the different types of smart answer. Academically my wife is ahead of me (PhD vs MSc), but otherwise we’re smart in different ways.

I think I would be the top pick of the two of us if you are picking teams for Trivial Pursuit though. :slight_smile:

Miguel is much smarter than me. He has common sense, he learns fast, he speaks three languages…all this and he only went to school for two years, at age five and six.

I was always attracted to men who seemed less intelligent. I guess I wanted to feel superior…? I don’t know. I wasn’t even aware of how smart Mig was until we got past the language barrier!

It’s me. He has a Masters and I don’t. He’s more responsible and therefore better with money, whereas I am abysmal. He can play musical instruments.


My grammar is better. I am one of those trivia people. I have a great sense of direction and knowledge of geography to go with it. I need very few clues to pick up on situations around me to the point that it’s almost like ESP. I rock at history and am able to use that knowledge to assess other situations. I read more. I am better at reading body language. I have a fabulous long term memory although short-term I suck.

Definitely me. I have my wife beaten by about 180 IQ points. My grades were at least 2.7 points higher on a 4.3 scale, and she did not win the “Best Thinker, 1994” award from the local Order of Assgrabbers and Wunderkinds like I did.

She’s dumb as a box of rocks, but she’s pretty to look at, and that’s what counts.

Mr Ujest and myself were neck and neck in our dismal grades and lackluster educational careers. (Underacheivers R Us!)

He is a sheer genius in anything regarding the building trades and ripping apart a car engine ( and putting it back together.) He speaks two languages, works like a plow horse, travels well and is not afraid to watch chick flicks with me.

He can’t read fiction to save his life and if subjected to the evils of a board game like Trivial Pursuit, feigns sleep to avoid answering questions. He is diplomatic to the point of nearly being a UN member and has excellent manners.

I posess no talent in really any area that benefits us in any way, shape or form other than being the Funny One to his Straight Man.
The fact that I got him to marry me by asking me, means I’m smarter !

My boyfriend much brighter than me. Vacuum for knowledge + insanely fast reading speed* means that he knows and comprehends tons about pretty much everything, especially the various scientific disciplines–although he makes an excellent showing in history, ancient literature, and a few other areas. I have him beat on some academic disciplines, but I’m less of an avid learner when on my own and although I’m capable of serious thinking I have a harder time of forcing my brain to do anything that seems like it’ll take work (logic puzzles, etc.) while he loves them and makes short work of them. All this works out really well for us, since I’m interested but lazy and he likes talking about it all.

Now, that’s all intellectual stuff. If you want to talk social intelligence, the balance is tipped in my favor.
*For reference, I read faster than most people I know. But when he and I were reading the last Harry Potter novel, he beat me by a good half hour when, at one point, we had checked in and I was 150 pages ahead of him. And he retains it all.

As if that post weren’t long enough, I’d also like to point out that the BF and I are a textbook example of how pure intelligence isn’t always a predictor of academic success. Being a smart cookie and knowing how to game the system got me excellent grades all the way through, whereas his grades (at least in college) were around the 3.0 level–he could have done much better, of course, but I don’t think he was ever particularly motivated.

My wife, no question about it. Five years older than I am, she grew up poor in a bad neighborhood and won a full scholarship to a school you would recognize instantly if I named it. She works with computers now making quite a bit more than me, not that this bothers me too much, 'cause when your spouse is that much smarter than you, there’s not much point in being jealous.

I’m no dummy myself, but I always check with her before I make economic decisions. Mrs. Fresh is quite the brainiac. I mean, she picked me, didn’t she? :smiley:

The GF is. Mainly because I’m very right brained artsy nerd while she completed college and such. Very practical and rooted. Dharma and greg if the sexes were reversed, but not as annoying.