Who is the "Face of the Franchise" for each major sports team in your city?

Who is that one player who could be considered the “Face of the Franchise” for each of the major sports leagues in your city, wherever you may be, be it NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, soccer, rugby, etc., current and all-time?

For Washington DC, the currents are easily:

Redskins: RG3
Wizards: John Wall
Capitals: Alex Ovechkin
Nationals: Ryan Zimmerman
DC United: I’m not familiar enough with them to name even a single current player.

All-time, that’s where it all gets less clear:

Redskins: John Riggins, maybe Joe Theissman or Sonny Jurgensen?
Wizards: probably Wes Unseld
Capitals: still Ovechkin
Nationals: still Zimmerman
DC United: I’m going to go with Marco Etcheverry


Braves - Chipper Jones? (retired this year)
Falcons - Matt Ryan
Hawks - Josh Smith

Braves - Chipper or Henry Aaron
Falcons - Matt Ryan
Hawks - Dominique Wilkiens


Ravens: Ray Lewis
O’s: Nick Markakis

Ravens: Ray Lewis
O’s: Cal Ripken, Jr.
Colts: Johnny U

Ryan Zimmerman? Over Steven Strasburg or the most famous National of all, Bryce Harper?

For Toronto teams it’s effectively a null hypothesis because they’re all so awful. Well, the Jays have Jose Bautista, who is legitimately great and loved.

I considered them, and those two get a lot of national press, but living here and seeing them in the paper every day the first name I think of when I think of the Nats is still Zimmerman.


Cubs: I guess I’d have to say Anthony Rizzo.
White Sox: Adam Dunn
Bulls: Derrick Rose
Blackhawks: Jonathan Toews
Bears: Jay Cutler

All time:

Cubs: Ernie Banks
White Sox: Frank Thomas?
Bulls: Michael Jordan
Blackhawks: Bobby Hull
Bears: Walter Payton

Zimmerman’s been a consistent presence since nearly day one. He’s a team leader, helped us weather some awful seasons, and the other guys look up to him, including Stras and Harper. He may not be as well known as those two outside DC, but locally he is a good choice for “face of the team.”

Milwaukee / Green Bay

Packers: Aaron Rodgers
Brewers: Ryan Braun
Bucks: Brandon Jennings? (not much too choose from on that roster)

All Time
Packers: Bart Starr
Brewers: Robin Yount
Bucks: Lew Alcindor


Patriots: Tom Brady
Celtics: Paul Pierce or Rajon Rondo
Bruins: Zdeno Chara
Red Sox: David Ortiz

All time
Patriots: Tom Brady
Celtics: Larry Bird or Bill Russell
Bruins: Bobby Orr
Red Sox: Ted Williams

When I was a kid I thought his name was “Lou-al” Cindor. :slight_smile:


Steelers: Ben Roethlisberger/Troy Polamalu
Pirates: Andrew McCutchen
Penguins: Sidney Crosby

All Time:

Steelers: Too many to count, but I’d go with either Terry Bradshaw or Franco Harris
Pirates: Roberto Clemente
Penguins: Mario Lemieux

(Cool topic)


Rockies: Troy Tulowitski
Broncos: Peyton Manning
Nuggets: Ty Lawson, probably Andre Igoudala by the end of the season
Avalanche: Gabriel Landeskog

All Time

Rockies: Todd Helton
Broncos: John Elway
Nuggets: Probably Chauncey Billups, maybe Alex English
Avalanche: Joe Sakic


Steelers- Troy Polamalu
Penguins- Sidney Crosby
Pirates- Andrew McCutcheon


Steelers- Terry Bradshaw or Franco Harris, maybe Hines Ward and Jerome Bettis with the younger generation.
Penguins- Mario Lemieux
Pirates- Roberto Clemente or Wllie Stargell, maybe some holdouts for Honus Wagner or Bill Mazeroski.



Cubs: lol
White Sox: Paul Konerko
Bulls: Derrick Rose
Bears: Brian Urlacher

All time:

Cubs: Ernie Banks
White Sox: Frank Thomas
Bulls: Michael Jordan
Bears: Walter Payton


Eagles: Vick (still)/ LeSean McCoy
Sixers: Bynum (if ever plays)/Jrue Holliday
Flyers: Giroux
Phillies: Tough one, but I’ll stick with Utley
All time Eagles: Westbrook/Quick/Dawkins
All time Sixers: The Doctor
All time Flyer: Clarke
All time Phillie: Mike Schmidt/Steve Carlton

Mariners: Felix Hernandez now, Ken Griffey Jr. all-time
Seahawks: Marshawn Lynch now, Matt Hasselback all-time
Sonics: Shawn Kemp or Gary Payton all-time


Tigers: Justin Verlander
Lions: Calvin Johnson
Pistons: Tayshon Prince
Red Wings: Either Henrik Zetterberg or Pavel Datsyuk

Tigers: Al Kaline
Lions: Barry Sanders
Pistons: Isiah Thomas
Red Wings: Steve Yzerman

I am not sure about the Bengals, but for the Reds, Joey Votto is definitely the current face of the franchise. To me, Johnny Bench would be the all-timer, but I think a lot of people would pick Pete Rose and some Joe Morgan.

NYC/NJ area

Giants: Eli Manning
Jets: Mark Sanchez or the press wants you to think Tim Tebow
Yankees: Jeter
Mets: David Wright
Devils: Martin Brodeur
Knicks: Carmelo Anthony
Nets: Probably Kris Humphries Kardashian or Jay Z
Rangers: Lundqvist?

All time:
Giants: Phil Sims
Jets: Broadway Joe
Yankees: Some many but gotta go with the Babe
Mets: Tom Seaver
Devils: Martin Brodeur
Knicks: Walt Frazier or Patrick Ewing
Nets: Bernard King
Rangers: Should be Brian Leetch but most will think Messier because of the cup

I would give this one to Rex Ryan ahead of any of the players.