Who is the greatest current fictional detective on television?

Among the current crop of fictional tv detectives, which do you think is the best? Private eye, police consultant, government employee or amateur busybody(if I’ve missed a category let me know)-all shows that are currently in production are in the running.

Hard to say. The CSI group are always helped by convenient coincidences (“only one store in Las Vegas sells the kind of paint that we found on the floor and the clerk clearly remembers our suspect out of the hundreds of people who passed through the store in the past month.”)

Dexter (don’t know if that counts) was pretty damn good, since he was easily able to find killers that the Miami police couldn’t find.

Definitely not Carrie Wells from Unforgettable-her hyperthymesia cannot work as described. While she may be able to remember everything she sees, she should only be able to remember the exact details of things her eyes actually focused on at the time.

Sherlock Holmes is still pretty good, from, well, Sherlock.

Have you seen the American version (Elementary) and, if so, how would you compare the two?

You weren’t asking, but I prefer Holmes from Elementary, because he’s less of an asshole and because Joan Watson is v. pretty.

Leroy Jethro Gibbs would own both their asses, of course.

On the technicality that the finale of POIROT just aired last month across the pond but apparently hasn’t yet been broadcast here, I’ll sing David Suchet’s praises.

I’ve seen both, *Sherlock *is awesome and Elementary is crap.

So I would say Sherlock Holmes of Sherlock is the greatest current fictional detective on TV.

Would that be Curtain, based on the last book?



I’ve seen both and I strongly disagree. They’re very different shows, each has their strengths and weaknesses. Here’s what I recently wrote about the topic:

Shawn Spencer and his partner MC Clap Yo Handz.


I don’t want to get yelled at for not being completely in line with your OP, so please clarify if you mean shows currently in production or currently airing on television.

If by “currently in production” do you mean that they’re making new episodes right now as we speak (meaning not on any kind of break from filming)? If you have a link handy for us to know what’s in production or not in production at the moment, it will really help.

If by “currently on television” do you mean that their season is happening right now or is it ok if they’re on a break between seasons (for example, I might want to nominate Hugh Dancy as Will Graham on NBC’s “Hannibal” but the new season doesn’t start for a few weeks and I’m not sure if they’re filming new ones right now or if they’ve already wrapped on Season 2.

Which network?

Agreed, the best rendering of Holmes & Watson evah!

Not cancelled or permanently “on hiatus”.

Very well summed up in my opinion.

You mean Ghee Buttersnaps?