Who is the guy in the Apple commercials?

Who is that guy on the new Apple commercials – the younger guy who plays the Apple computer? I know I’ve seen him somewhere.

I’ve seen him in the movie GalaxyQuest. He was the fanboy who knew details of the ship.

The new Herbie movie, too, God help me.

Looks like I’ve seen Justin Long in Dodgeball also.

Ahhhhhh, I think that’s where I remember him from too. Thanks.
Love that movie.

He was also in the TV show Ed.

The PC guy, by the way, is John Hodgman, master of surrealist deadpan. He’s the originator of Little Gray Book Lectures,, has been featured on This American Life (notably in the “Flight or Invisibility?” segment in the Superpowers show), and now, one is pleased to observe, is a frequent contributor to The Daily Show.