Who's the guy in the McDonalds McNugget commercial?

I keep seeing the “Buy her a 20 piece McNugget meal because I’ve been around” commercial and I’m wondering who the guy is. Is he someone famous? or is he just an older guy who has experience in life cuz he’s old?

Not sure, but he is the guy who stole the gal out from under Frank and Joe in the prior commercial.

Gregory White.

Who are Frank and Joe?

The Hardy Boys?

The least interesting man in the world.
“I don’t always eat fast food, but when I do, I eat at McDonald’s.”

Being a big Dexter fan, I have to say that everytime I see this commercial, I think of last season’s storyline with Professor Gellar. The man in the commercial so reminds me of him, standing in the background and giving advice to the younger man.

I’m with you. Every time I see that commercial I think, “Am I supposed to know who this guy is?” because he does seem vaguely familiar, and the feel of the commercial is that he is someone I’m supposed to know…

T-Cups, thanks for asking, and Cat, thanks for answering! It’s been bugging me.

Honestly it reminds me of the bit Stan Lee did in Mall Rats with Brodie talking about “the one that got away” I thought the first time I saw the comercial that it WAS Stan Lee

Answers and Ask both say it’s Gregory White:

He’s been in a ton of stuff I don’t recognize, so maybe he’s plaing a character from one of his pieces.

There’s a blog at the end that also says it’s him.

Thanks, DavidLeeMillerEsq. What would we do without you? :slight_smile:

Ah hah! I knew he was familiar – he was Ross’ pediatrician!


Huh. Never saw that one. Good ad.

The charcter giving the young man advice is Joe Mantegna

Joe Mantegna stars in Criminal Minds

Doesn’t even look like Joe Mantegna.