Help me identify this actor!

Who is the cop in this commercial? The link names some of the actors, but not him. I am positive I’ve seen this guy at least in other commercials, if not some bit part in a TV show or movie. Can someone figure this out? It’s been bugging me for a week.

I can’t find the name, but he looks a bit like the cop in the first two Die Hard movies.

Is it the “I like tacos” guy?

They don’t quite look the same to me, but someone else was asking the same question as you and this is what was suggested. As for the “I like tacos” guy’s name, I couldn’t come up with that.

That was Reginald VelJohnson, but I don’t think that’s him in the commercial.

He’s the cop in Family Matters.

He’s also the cop in Ghostbusters that takes them to the mayor.

He’s also like 40 years older than the guy in the commercial.