Who is the Hunchback of Saint Louis (Clayton, actually)

I was in St. Louis on business a few weeks back. We finished early one night, and decided to hit the town. We went to a upscale part of town called Clayton. On the way there we passed what looked to be a bronze statue of an Ugly Hunchback. Later, after a few libations, we decided he was the patron saint of ugly bar-chicks, but that was the wine talking.

So really, what’s the story about this statue that undoubtably scares little children?

Where in Clayton, and what, exactly, did the statue look like? Equestrian? Standing? Kneeling? Waist-deep in concrete?

Don’t know exactly where, He was standing, maybe leaning on a staff. We came via a road that ran by a park with a ~4 mile jogging trail (right off an interstate) and also passed that humongous hospital. I’m sorry I don’t have a ton of details, as I was just a passenger.

Ah. I believe what you’re looking at is The Archangel Michael Overcoming Satan by Ernst Gorsemann. It’s on the campus of Concordia Seminary. The “hump” would be the angel’s wings. Click on the map link, and you’ll see that the campus is near a very large park, St. Mary’s Health Center, and Interstate 64.

I imagine the road was hwy 40. I don’t know what the statue would be though. Your description isn’t ringing any bells for me.

Technically, btw, Clayton is its own city. St. Louis City is its own county, and the area surrounding it (St. Louis County, referred to as The County) is divided up into lots of smaller municipalities. Most people wouldn’t call Clayton “an upscale part of town,” they’d likely call it “an upscale part of the county.” That said, everyone pretty much calls all of it “St. Louis.”

Bren, you forgot to mention that the county seat for St. Louis County is Clayton.

It’s not ringing any bells for me either. The ‘humongous hospital’, given the rest of the description, could be either St. Mary’s Health Center (I work there occassionally) or the Barnes/BJC complex, which is truely huge. Barnes is right next to Forest Park, which does indeed have a long jogging trail, several statues, and is right next to Highway 40/64. On the other hand, St. Mary’s isn’t too awfully far from the other end of Forest Park, and is also reasonably close to the highway.

There’s also the Forest Park Parkway, which though it isn’t strictly a highway, -looks- like one for most of its length. It goes by both Barnes and Forest Park, and would be a reasonable route into Clayton from the Central West End.

St. Mary’s is only six stories tall. Barnes easily goes as tall as twenty in places. Maybe we can narrow this down some.


Yeah. We have St. Louis mailing addresses and everything…well, a lot of the small cities in the area have them. Webster Groves doesn’t though…

No, Webster Groves has a Shrewsbury mailing address.

Or at least that’s what I’ve heard. Maybe someone who knows what the “rules” are can tell me if it’s true. What I’ve heard is that technically since the post office for the area is in Shrewsbury, the rules say that’s what you should put in your address, and (so I’ve heard) when the same PO used to be in Webster, Shrewsbury residents were supposed to put WG in their addresses.

Now, that doesn’t sound quite right to me, but the PO does have a few odd rules (address all in printed caps? Who the heck does that?). Maybe someone here knows the lowdown.

But anyway. As far as I know, the official mailing addresses of everyplace in the county should be the local municipality (or nearest PO, if what I heard is true), but I’ve never known a local municipality to not accept mail addressed to “St. Louis.” Even Webster.

Race, you’re absolutely right. I did forget that.

Re: mailing addresses
Zip codes in the county starting with 631 are St Louis, and can be used interchangably with the actual municipality. The mail goes through the downtown Post Office

If your Zip code starts with 630, in theory at least, the actual municipality is supposed to be used. The mail goes through the Hazelwood Post Office.

I live 63074, but get mail addressed to both St Louis and St Ann.

Back to the OP
No bells for me either. There is a big bronze statue of Martin Luther in Concordia Seminary. But you can’t see the statue from Clayton Rd.

There is Turtle Park, which is on the other side of the Interstate from the Forest Park bike path.