Who is the Mole? Your predictions (No spoilers in OP)

Who do you think it is? We have about 40 minutes on the east coast to make our final guesses.

I’ve been saying it’s Mark since week 1, but for reasons I now know are invalid. (I had inaccurate notions about the Mole being an actor, and not a real person found through the regular contestant search process.) But I still think there’s a good chance he’s it. And I will gloat unabashedly if he is.

But I think it’s more likely to be Craig. He’s done more Mole-like things in the last few weeks than Mark.

As I’ve said before, I will be seriously pissed if it’s Nicole, since she’s been ostentatiously Mole-like since the first ten minutes of the first show. Hiding in plain sight? Screw that!

Who do you think is the Mole?

Thanks for your input!

It turned out exactly as I think most of us kinda figured toward the end it would - Nicole wanted to be thought the Mole too much to be the Mole, Mark wanted to win too much to be the Mole, so Craig had to be it. And so it was. But no one would have been surprised to be wrong either.