Who is the smartest person on the SDMB?

Like a few people said, it’s pretty hard to qualify “smartest”. Most knowledgeable about the greatest number of subjects? Most knowledgeable about one specific subject? Having the highest IQ?

I don’t think I’d like the burden of having the designation of “smartest” (even if I felt entitled to it, which I don’t). I screw up enough times that people would seriously question such a title. :smack: :smiley:

I nominate Twickster for her profound “Intra-personal Intelligence”.

The Nine Types of Intelligence

I’ll also cast a vote for Q.E.D.

kimstu and wring stick out for me.

I’m often impressed by the quality of the posts from tomndebb. Although for all we know tom’s just the front and debb’s the real brains of the outfit.

After reading the longest of the “parallel lines” debates in the Pit, I decided that in any given area of human understanding, we have a dozen first rate minds on tap. It was about that time when my own posting to reading ratio began to drop precipitously.

As a group, you can’t touch this.

Everything you need to know, and a fair bit that you really don’t need to know, all available, and with an attitude.

Tris (not even able to decide who is the smartest)

Polycarp seems to be one of the most well-rounded posters on the boards. Regardless of topic, when I see a post of his, it just about settles the matter for me. Other posters are unassailable in their respective areas of expertise, but Carp is a jack of all trades.

Q.E.D. was the first to come to mind, but the clear, level-headed rationality of tomndebb’s posts always impresses me.

There are tons of other uber-smart posters here, those were just the first two to come to mind.

Polycarp, QED, Mathochist and tomndebb stick out. However, they often post in threads that I’m likely to read, so I’m probably missing out on a lot of other posters.

Just what am I doing? Can a mod fix that, please?

I nominate Dominic Mulligan. :smiley:

If all Dopers were ranked by intelligence, I’d be way down near the bottom.


I’ve probably learned the most new things by reading Qadgop’s posts.
I’ve read some of the most interesting stories by reading Lissa’s posts.
I’ve learned even more tolerance and patience by reading tomndebb’s posts.
And I’m most inspired by Eve’s smart-assery and love of her field.

I guess it depends on your definition of “smart”, and how firmly you are willing to hold onto that definition. For me, though, it could probably be every single Doper, in some way. Those are my top four; however, if allowed, my list would be unending. Too many to name, to be sure.

Besides others already mentioned, I nominate Mangetout for his vast know-what and know-how of everyday things in life.

…and I forgot (I always forget something) **Manda Jo **as another Doper scoring very high points on “People-Smart” and “Self-Smart” (from astro’s list)

I’m the smartest, but if I tried to prove it to you comparatively feeble-minded folk you wouldn’t understand.

Bah. slinks out of thread

Wow. Thanks. blushes

blushes some more


oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah …think about it, think about it, think, think THINK! OH DON’T STOP, KEEP THINKIN’ ABOUT IT, THINK, THINK ABOUT IT, OH, OH, OH OH, I… I… I… IDEA!
ahhhh… * got a tissue?*

On that Nine Types of Intelligence, I fail three.