Who is the smartest person on the SDMB?

In your humble opinion, who is the smartest person on these boards?

besides Cecil of course! :wink:

Impossible to quantify in any meaningful fashion. Smartest how? Which intelligence are we purportedly measuring, and to what degree of accuracy?

That said…Eve. :smiley:

Well…modesty forbids…

Based on his supreme wit and cleverness, I nominate Sampiro.

Moved from IMHO to MPSIMS.

Well, that lets Frank out of the running…

I say Qadugop (or however you spell it). He seems well rounded.

I expect this thread to be hotly contested or sink like a stone, depending on the news cycle.

I’d say me, but the thought of putting people into convulsions from laughter doesn’t appeal.

There are people here with a great deal of knowledge of certain fields, others are in the know about other fields. How are we supposed to rank that? And then some people try to comment on a little bit of everything, and may know a little about a whole lot, but don’t have any real depth. Where do we mark them?

And just what is smart anyways? A person may be smart enough to build a nuclear bomb, and still be dumb enough to use it.

“Smart?!” I am alternately complimented and horrified. Witty, perhaps; snarky, certainly, but they must not be confused with “smart!”

Gee, it’s so hard to choose. I mean, there’s the indomitable Frank, of course, the spunky Giraffe, the sage TVeblen, the very personable UkuleleIke, the venerable C K Dexter Haven, the humble TubaDiva

Me, sucking up? Never … :smiley:

That Flawduh heat melted your brain, boy?


I’ll put in another vote for Eve. Doesn’t matter if she is or not. If there’s any poll, **Eve **must win and that’s final.

One of the people that doesn’t reply to this thread.

Q.E.D always amazes me with his speedy and accurate responses to questions in any number of fields.

Not sure if he’s the smartest or not, but in terms of quick and articulate answers, I think that Martini Enfield needs to be recognized.

I nominate Google!

Q.E.D.'s got to be up there, but I have huge buckets of respect for Colibri’s brain.

I think so too, and add Qadgop the Mercotan, Irishgirl and Guinastasia.

You’ll need to define how we assess this.

(I probably have the highest chess rating :o )

I think PolyCarp, C Dexter Haven, and tomndebb are all contenders.

There are so many wonderfully smart people here, but for breadth of knowledge, even-handed dealings, and longevity, I’d say tomndebb aces it.