Who is the tallest woman you know (6ft +)?

Is it true that tall woman have a problem with being “lanky” more so than men (not a problem with femininity but just looking ungracious in movement above a certain height)?

I am 6ft. I studied ballet through my college years. I was never Prima Ballerina. But i was always center back in the corps. You are correct I am lanky and somewhat klutz-y. I do have nice legs, if I say so myself.:slight_smile:

I dated a girl who claimed to be 5 foot 11-63/64 inches … just couldn’t bear to say “six foot” … yeah, very nice legs … she worked at a lamination shop so if you ever see a sheet of plywood with grain that looks like a woman’s genitals, that’s by design … boy she had some funny stories, and the wood to prove them true …

What a weird question. Why do people feel the need to generalize everything by gender?

I’m a tall woman who knows lots of 6’+ women, because we’re all athletes (or were, in our prime, for some of us). “Ungracious in movement” isn’t the first phrase that comes to mind.

To be lanky, doesn’t someone first need to be on the very-slim side? It may be a problem with my vocabulary, but I identify “lanky” with “beanpole”. I’ve known several tall women but the very few women I’ve known who were that thin tended to be petite; the tall ones generally were either medium build (and many of these were very graceful, having ballerina training or a background in basket, volley…) or large (and will someone please bring some bibs for the guys, they’re drooling all over again).

The problem of being ‘a tall drink of water’ is everyone asking you to reach for stuff for them. Finding pants that are long enough. Bumping your head all the time. And countertops being too low to be comfortable. I had my counters made 3 inches higher in my kitchen. Smartest thing I ever did.

My grand daughter is 6-4. She sells pet food for a living and does very well at it. Guess no one wants to say no to someone that tall.

The daughter of a friend was 6 foot at the age of 12 (maybe 14). She has a glandular issue, though.

I once knew a woman who was 6’ 0.5".

She was about 6’6" or maybe a bit more and graceful as could be. At a distance, without something for scale, she looked like the average girl her age (18). It wasn’t until you had her next to something that her height really stood out. The worst place was on the back of my one bike; it was a early 70s style chopper with the extreme king-queen seat and it looked (and balanced) a little odd.

Similar to MoonMoon in my experience- I work next door to a WNBA head office and there are a tremendous number of very tall women (and tall men too) and lanky/awkward is never a word that I would consider for any of them. My cousin is 6’3" and she never played any sports- she’s a sysadmin for a military contractor currently. And even she would never seem absurdly tall or in anyway attract any stares due to being lanky.

I don’t know any tall women at the moment, but the tallest woman I ever dated was, if I recall, 6’4". She was built like Marilyn Monroe; the only woman I’ve dated who outweighed me.

Being tall, by the way, fucking sucks.

A good friend of mine in college was 6’2", give or take an inch. She wasn’t lanky at all; she was very muscular, with wide shoulders and strong legs. She rowed on the crew team.

I’ve known to such women, both in high school. One was just over 6’ and on the basketball team–so not awkward or lanky in the slightest. The other was 6’3", taller than me, though she had a problem with her hips that led to her leaning over a bit, making her seem shorter. Her hip caused her to walk funny, but she was not awkward. She was also quite built, not lanky.

The lanky look comes from legs ‘up to there’,
I have disproportionately long legs. I am quite thin maybe a touch scrawny. So yea I do appear klutz-y. Especially if I bump into your low hanging light fixture. Some homes have low interior door facings and I have to keep an eye out for them.

I’ve known two women over 6’. The first one was a childhood friend of my mother and her mother was about 5’ (my mother said) and her father was a HS teacher of mine who was probably about 5’6" or 5’7". She hit 6’ before she was 12 and eventually fetched up around 6’3". She also had a tenor voice (and you should have heard her describing ordering bras over the phone from a clerk who didn’t believe she was a woman). She married a man who was 6’5" and had a daughter who ended up 5’7" (and whom I dated a bit). Clear case of acromelagy.

Second one, it was a bit sad. She lived across the street from me and was friends with my daughter. Once she came over wearing a T-shirt that said, “Im only 4’29”." Yes, she was really 6’5". And was harassed mercilessly by schoolmates to the point where she changed schools. But her mother was 6" as was her sister. Her father was 6’11" and her brother 6’10". Just a family of very tall people. She was quite graceful incidentally.

My roommate in college was about 6’7" His younger sister was about 6’3" He was the center for the football team. She was big enough to be a defensive lineman. Their dad was 6’10" and about 400 pounds at the time. The girl was headed that way. I haven’t seen any of them in a long time.

ETA: a young women started at work about a month ago. She is in the 6’ range and definitely not slim. Probably closing in on 350lbs.

This is a thread discussing women’s height- I have no idea why you think a post about laminate and female genitalia and your ex-girlfriend’s “very nice legs” is relevant or appropriate.

No warning issued, but try to avoid dropping posts like this just because a thread happens to be about women.

There was this girl in my sons elementary school that in 6th grade, was the tallest female in school. And only the male principal was taller.

There’s a woman I occasionally deal with through work who is probably around 6’8". Not ‘lanky’ and her movements don’t come off as being awkward. Also had a former roommate who was 6’ - not at all awkward, and probably experienced more grief due to her girth than her height.