Tall ladies...

Reckless Humor’s Ladies - How short is too short? thread got me thinking. Being moderately tall, at 6’ 2", I’ve never really had to worry about being too short for women to date. Nor has women being too tall for me been an issue. There are some women taller than I am, but not many. But, I’m wondering how other guys, primarily average height guys, feel about women’s heights. Does it bother you if the woman you’re dating either is, or appears to be due to high heels, taller than you?

And, also, I’m wondering how tall women feel about their their own height. It’s been my observation that tall women often have a tendency to slouch which, in my opinion, has a negative rather than a positive effect. The most commonly echoed sentiment in threads where women are asked what they find attractive is “confidence”. Well, that works both ways. A woman who is comfortable with her body, whatever size or shape it may be, is more attractive than one who isn’t. So, stand up straight, ladies, and let’s hear your side of it.

Taller than me would be weird (mainly because I am already pretty tall at 6’3") but I honestly don’t think about the hight of a woman at all unles the difference is so great as to be physically akward for us.

“Average” 5’11" guy checking in (what’s the average male height in the US by the way?). I’ve never dated anyone taller than me but I really don’t think it’s an issue…although initially it might be awkward. Plus, people over 6 feet tall are quite rare where I live (HK), so I wouldn’t be too worried about ladies being taller than me :wink:

Take me to your ladder!

I’m 5’11" (about 180 cm for the non-US folks). The vast majority of women around here are shorter than I am, but I’ve encountered some tall ones, a few of which I’ve found quite attractive.

Although I’ve never dated a woman taller than me, I don’t think I’d have any problem with it. I’d be bothered much more if a woman was stronger than me, as I think of strength, not height, as the more “manly” trait.

Wow two threads and neither apply to me :slight_smile: (I’m 5’ 5 if I stand REALLY tall in big shoes… hubby is 6’ 4 - although we do sometimes get that awkwardness Muad’Dib mentions)

But I will say I always wanted to be 5’ 9 … I thought that would be the perfect height!

Oh and I tend to slouch not because of height but because good posture makes it seem like I’m trying to poke people’s eyes out!

6’00" cheking in.

Height is mostly unimportant, shorter or taller, as long as it’s not so different from mine to make things physically awkward.
JFTR, I’ve dated two girls taller than me.

I’m a 5’10" female, average weight, and I dislike my size.

Actually, that’s not entirely true – most of the time, I don’t even think about it, until somebody else makes a comment.

Example: I was once trying to lift some heavy boxes in a store, and commented to a male companion that it would’ve been nice for the staff to assist. He replied, “Well, it’s not like you’re PETITE or anything.”

Comments like that – most folks don’t realize such comments hurt, but I do feel like a beast of a woman sometimes.

Worse, I used to live in an area where I knew a good number of both men and women well over six feet tall. Then I moved, and now I hardly know anyone taller than 6’.

Uh oh, I’m blathering on. What was the question? Oh yes, about dating. I’m not comfortable dating a man shorter than me.

According to this site, the current average for white US males is about 5’ 10".

You know, you’re not the first woman I’ve heard say that, about 5’ 9" being the ideal height. I don’t really get that, since most women seem to prefer taller men, if they have a preference.

Oh, and feel free to try to poke my eyes out with your boobage. :smiley:

So, what’s your take on the “5’ 9” is ideal" concept?

And, no you aren’t petite, but you aren’t the She-Hulk, either. :slight_smile:

My guess is, you’re hearing the wishful thinking that many shorter women express because they admire fashion models, who tend to be small-boned and 5’9" or taller – weighing around 75 lbs. :wink:

I noticed that, according to the website you cited, the average woman my age (47) is five-foot-four. Five-foot-five is the top of the women’s overall average range.

You’re right – I’m no she-hulk, according the the BMI calculator, at least.

I’m 5’7" - not tall, but look tall for some reason - and slender (but not skinny). My SO is 6’4", but enjoyed dating men my height or shorter. They are much easier to wrap around! In fact, a confident man under 5’9" is the sexiest thing around, and it drives my SO nuts when I gaze at one.

Im 5’10 and when i wear heels everyone looks like hobbits to me!:o

I’m 5’9 and female. I’m perfectly fine with my height, even when dating shorter men. It irks me when the guy makes a deal about it, saying things like “I feel like a little boy walking next to you”, but those instances have been few and far between.

People often are surprised to hear I’m 5’9 because they think I’m taller. Perhaps it’s because I don’t slouch (for some reason slouching looks particularly unflattering on me and so I consciously avoid it). But in my eyes, 5’9 is not all that tall and it’s rare that I’m even aware that I’m the tallest woman in the room even though it happens a lot, I’m sure.

I’ve always wanted to be 5’9", just oooone inch taller, but I’m just comfortably above average, sigh. It doesn’t have anything to do with being clothes model-height. I just like putting on heels and being dang near six feet tall when I want to be an amazon. For whatever reason, I like to be as tall as possible whenever I need to go into battle.

Plus, occassionally I’m possessed by the spirit of Shallowina and like the attention of being the tallest woman in the room (most women in my area are shorter than the nat’l average).:o

I’m also 5-9 and rarely feel tall. Mostly it’s when I’m in a room full of women I realize how much taller I am than most of them. When it comes to men, though, I think my height’s a good one; for all but really tall men, we stand relatively eye-to-eye.

I do have a female friend who is well over 6 feet … I think she’s 6-3. It’s odd to look up to talk to another woman!

Well, to be fair, I’m not average height. I’m about 5’7 - seems that about 85% of the cracker guys my age are taller. Nothing I didn’t know, I suppose. My current girlfriend is actually the only one I’ve had who is taller than me. She’s 5’9. At the formal we went to in November, she was probably a few inches taller than that. I don’t care. She’s everything I could ask for, and I’m not hung up on the idea that I have to be taller. She doesn’t care either, as far as I know. But I did manage to find some boots that even things out. :wink:

So, how tall are those heels, shorty? :wink: And, I can’t help it if I have big, hairy feet. :stuck_out_tongue:

Slouching looks worse on all women than it does on men. Women have…umm…certain parts…that also droop when the woman slouches. It doesn’t look good on most men, though, either. (Oh, and I love your username, BTW.)

Sorry. I didn’t intend to exclude anyone. And, you’re close enough to average as to make no difference, really. It’s just that really short guys, like my friend who’s 5’ 3", have less choice in the matter. And, tall guys don’t run into it, often. Everyone’s welcome to share their thoughts and experiences, though.

But, “cracker”? Your location says NY. Or, am I misinterpreting something?

6’ 7" male checking in here.

I’m a past president of the San Fernando Valley Tip Toppers, a member club of Tall Clubs International.

For many years I exclusively dated tall women ranging from 5’ 10" to 6’5".

Then I found and married my wonderful Kathy, who is 5’ 2".

Moral of the story: Height does not matter.

I was just playing around. :slight_smile: Certainly no offense was taken.

But, “cracker”? Your location says NY. Or, am I misinterpreting something?

No, I’m a proud, life-long New Yorker. But the chart you posted breaks down average heights by race, and I was attempting to specify what I am a honky, white-type person.

I was just about to post that I’m 5’ 11"…and in heels I get nosebleeds… when I read this. It’s taken me 10 bloody minutes to quit laughing long enough to wipe the tears and type!

Dating’s been a cinch…we’ve always go **so much ** to talk about.

“How’s the weather up there?”
“So, do you play basketball?”
:rolleyes: :stuck_out_tongue: