How tall (or short) is too tall (or short) for you to find attractive?

in your preferred gender, of course. Assuming that all factors work for you l – that is, that facial beauty, physical fitness, personality, intellect, and so forth are acceptable – how great a height differential makes a person unattractive to you?

Please note that this is one of those special superficial threads. I don’t want to hear any crap about only minds and spirits mattering. Anyone who says such a thing will be decapitated, drawn & quartered, defenesrated, shot to death, burned at the stake, buried alive, and sent to bed without supper, in that order.


I’m a short man. (5’6"). I don’t think there is a too short or too tall for me. I find women of all different heights attractive. On the other hand, I’m too short for many women (but thankfully not all).

I am 6’1" and like my women on the average to petite side. Anything between 5’0" and 5’7" is equally good. 5’8" is still OK but once a woman gets past 5’9" or so, it starts to be a turnoff for me. I can’t see myself going out with a really tall woman.

Very tiny women are too similar to children, which puts me off. We had a neighbor couple: the guy was about 6’ and the woman was probably 4’10". Their children looked almost elvish. Tall doesn’t bother me.

It’s a little disconcerting to see you in this thread. You can keep posting but I’m gonna need you to hand over your weapons. Don’t be coy; you know very well why.

I’m 5’8". The shortest guy I’ve ever dated was 5’3", the tallest was 6’8". I’m not entirely sure I have an upper or lower limit.


It’s like you designed a thread just for me.

Sorry, Skald, but as the old saying goes, “everybody’s the same height lying down.”

No supper for me, I guess.

Besides, I have female friends who are little people, and several are kinda smokin’ hot. I’ve also admired ladies who play basketball and are on the tallish side (probably about as tall as they get), so yeah.

I’m male and 6’3" I certainly don’t women under a certain height as unattractive, but I do feel all the more awkward dating a woman who is under 5’2" or so…like stooping down to listen or not making much eye contact (I feel like I am just being stared up the nostrils).

I am female and 5’9" and have a pretty firm height requirement - 6’ plus preferred, but at least taller than me.

shortest guy I ever dated was the same height and I wouldn’t do it again. I spent most of my junior high/high school years feeling like a giant, I don’t like feeling that way with my SO.

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I’m 4’10". My husband is 6’7". I think it bothers him a bit, but it doesn’t bother me. He reported shortly after our marriage that The Guys at Work call us “the circus freaks.” :smiley:

I never considered a woman too short. I’m 8" taller than my wife. Too tall? Never really thought about it, not that many women are noticeable taller than I am.

Someone once told me this was mainly a concern for women, that they picture themselves with a man taller than they are. And not quite the same but I asked a fairly tall woman why should wore really high heels and she said she was looking taller man, implying she wasn’t interested in the shorter ones.

I am 5’10". I have dated as short as 5’1", and been specifically attracted to and interested in someone 4’11" — I’m not sure I have a lower limit. I have never dated anyone taller than I am, but I’ve been very interested in women up to 6’ tall. I don’t tend to encounter women much taller than that generally, but I don’t know how much of a problem it would be for me if I did.

Height is just not generally part of the attractiveness equation for me.

I am a 5’ 5" male. My girlfriends (all three of them) were taller than me – 5’ 6", 5’ 7" and another 5’ 7".

My general policy is “Attractive women come in all sizes”, but I gotta admit, I tend to fall for women who are just a bit taller than I am. A woman who is 5’ or less is not optimal for me. Same thing goes for a woman who is much taller than 6’.

I’m above average height at 6’2". To the extent I have a preference for a specific type in a woman it’s a combination of a certain body type and short. Taller then me by more than a small amount might get awkward but getting above say 6’3" or 6’4" is pretty rare. I can’t think of it coming up in my life. In between I don’t really have a preference. I do tend to have a set of preferences that combine body type with the height. It’s a different look that works at 5’11" than at 5’2".

I’m a 5’10" male. I’ve been attracted to women who were about my height but not much taller - if I were single, I’d say I’d feel uncomfortable putting the moves on a woman over 6’.

At the low end, there’s definitely a point in there where a woman is too short AFAIAC, but it’s probably somewhere around 4’9" or 4’10", so it’s hard to be sure exactly, because I don’t run into that many women that short.

I have tried to get over my heightism. Cause I know, I’ve got it. I’m 5’5", and I have dated as short as 5’8", but I just won’t date any shorter. I know, the quality of the man isn’t related to his height, but I hate looming over my SO. I want to be able to wear high heels and still have him be taller. My SO is six feet even so it’s just right.

I am sure this says something about me, but I like looking up at my love.

I’m male, 5’10". I may be sentenced to the same doom that Skald is prescribing for Procrustus, but I like a wide range of heights in women.

On the one hand, I’m very fond of petite ladies. Two of my former girlfriends were 5’2", and two of the women on my “List of Five” are very short (Kristin Chenoweth, 4’11", and Toby Lightman, 5’0").

On the other hand, I can also be very attracted to taller women – even those my height, or a few inches taller. The tallest woman I ever dated was 5’8", but I’ve found a number of tall, statuesque women to be very attractive.

So, in direct answer to Skald’s question: if there’s such a thing as “too short” for me, it’d be somewhere under 4’10". If there’s a “too tall”, it’d be somewhere over 6’.

I really really honesty think I don’t have limits if I otherwise liked the guy. I actually prefer around my own height (I’m 5.6 so that’s fairly short for a guy), but I’ve fallen for/dated/slept with and entire range of body shapes.