Height as an attractive factor

This is something I’m curious about to see if it’s just me, and to see the other gender’s perspective on things. Informal poll time, hooray!

Preface: I’m 5’8", so I’m sort of average height for a guy.

Main Point: One of the biggest physical qualities that is a turn on/thing to look for in a woman is her height. Maybe it’s because I’m shorter, but taller women are actually a turn off for me. When I see a woman that I consider pretty, usually the first thought that runs through my mind is “I wonder how tall she is.” I often run to IMDB to check out an actress’ height if I find them attractive. (Mmmm…Ellen Page.)

Basically, the shorter a woman is, the more physically attractive she is to me. My ex-gf was 5 feet flat. I think the tallest girl I’ve been seriously interested in was 5’6"ish.

Anyway, the question I wanted to ask the Dope is: Does height play a factor into how attractive people are to you? For taller guys, is there a certain height range that is awesome? I know some men are leg guys, and taller women usually have that “legs that go on for days” thing going for them. For shorter women, is there a “too tall”? I’m imagining a 5’0" woman and a 7’0" basketball player here. Is the 2 foot difference too much? In addition, for taller guys is there a too short? I’m also curious into same-sex attraction and height as well. Do you want your SO to be taller or shorter than you, or does it even matter?

Of course, when you reply height and gender would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

I’m a guy, and I’m 6’1.

I have dated/been attracted to girls usually taller than the average, but usually never taller than me. So around 5’6- 6ft is a good area of what I like. Yet, it’s not a hard-drawn line. Females that are around 5ft or shorter sorta weird me out in the height thing (My Mom’s 5foot even) but it can be doable. I’m a flexible guy :slight_smile:

So I wouldn’t really say I have a target level of attraction as per height. Though if I had to pick a range I’d go with 5ft to 6ft even. And If I had to make that even more specific, lets go with the 5’1 to 5’4 range, and then the 5’7 to 5’11 range as having more “blips” on the map than the other parts of that area.

I usually prefer a women at around eye-level or so, but its not really that big of a deal. I’m not really a Legs sorta guy. But I am a Hip-Man. So I guess if she’s proportional, but then has curvier hips for her height- I find THAT more attractive than just the height alone.

In Summary: Proportional women (of various heights) with Wider Hips = More of a Attraction Factor than just the Height in itself.

I’m a guy and it really doesn’t matter to me.

FWIW, I’m tall enough (6’4") that 99.99% of women are significantly shorter than me.

Woman, 5’ 7", and in general I prefer a guy that is at least 2-3 inches taller than me. 5’ 11" - 6’ 1" would be my idea. I just find taller guys to be sexy.

I’m a 5’-11" Guy, and I can find attractiveness in tall girls and short girls. I’m more interested in how she carries herself. Awkwardness is always a turn-off. I was interested in a girl a few inches taller then me, who used to study dance, and she walked around with such grace. Another girl I was interested in was short and a bit stocky, but she had a subtlety to her motions.

A cute face + graceful style = very happy Cog888!

5’ 10" female here.

I was with a guy for eight years who was my exact height in bare feet; his height was not a turn-off but we both agreed that if I were any taller or he were any shorter, we wouldn’t have dated each other. 5’ 10" is the average height of male Americans; 5’ 4" is average for women. He was average and I wasn’t.

My current SO is 6’ 2" and while that’s not why I started dating him, it’s one of the initial reasons I found him attractive. I like feeling like a girl; I like a guy who has to duck his head a bit to kiss me. I like wearing high heels and not towering over him. I like the fact that his clothes are too big for me.

I’m a tall girl; I like tall guys.

FWIW, my height is one of his favorite things about me.

If a guy is shorter than me I simply do not find him attractive. And I would not be offended at all if my height prevented some guys from finding me attractive. Different strokes, ya know?

Woman, 5’ 3"

I prefer men 5’ 6" and shorter. I like people around my own size. Mind you, I wouldn’t cross a man off my list just because he’s tall, but it is not something I find particularly attractive and past 6’ it becomes a liability and not an asset as far as I’m concerned. I’m pretty sure that’s not the usual view, but I’m not the only one who likes short.

6’4" male. I love the tall ladies.

Male, 5’5". I’ve been with both taller and shorter, but shortness is definitely attractive to me. No idea if it’s just a coincidence or something deep-seated and Freudian related to my own modest height.

I am a woman and just under 5’ tall, a human in miniature. Everybody over the age of 11 is taller than I am (especially here in Holland, land of the Brobingnagdians). Height has never been a factor from my side; triangulation being what it is, everybody over about 5’ 8" looks about the same height to me.

However, I have noticed a trend in my own life: only men over about 5’ 11" seem to be attracted to me. Exactly once in my checkered past have I been approached by a man shorter than that and he was about 5’ 10". Dearly Beloved is just above 6’ 3", therefore average height for a Dutch guy, lol.

I dated a guy who was a bit shorter, and was fine with it, except he showed obvious discomfort when I wore any shoe taller than a (very) flat. That was what made me feel height conscious about being with him. I even started slouching a little when around him, regardless of shoe height.

I’m 5’9" so I have yet to meet a “too tall” guy (well, there was that member of the Chicago Bulls I shared an elevator ride with but that hardly counts) for my tastes, and my husband is 6’3"-6’4". He affectionately calls me “shortie” sometimes, and finds women around his height to be impressive.

Marienee, pretty much all of my ancestry is from Holland/the Netherlands (they emigrated to the US in the mid-to-late 1800s), and my dad was 6’1". My parents grew up in an area where almost everyone else had Dutch ancestry too, so leaving there it went from me feeling average in height to suddenly feeling Amazonian.

A bit over 6’3" here - my wife is 6’1" (our kids are still young, but you can imagine the trend…).

Per **Audrey Levins ** - my wife’s height was an initial attractor - well, that and the fact that she’s a *beautiful *6’1" - but not what got the relationship past the first half of the first date…

Female, 5’7" (sigh, I used to be 5’8") – I prefer tall guys. Never had a steady relationship with anyone under 6’0", and have had two BFs who were 6’4".

I’m 5’ 1", I think. Most guys are taller than me. I would prefer they be at least 5’ 7", so I can wear heels and they still have to stoop a bit to kiss me.

I’m female and about 5’7". Most guys I’ve dated have been within a few inches of my height, shorter or taller, just because most of the population here is close to my height. I have never really “looked” for a certain height in a man. The main things I look for in guys are personality, humor…and a cute face (just to show you that it’s not that I’m any less shallow than anyone who does care a lot about height - just shallow about different things :wink: ).
I never wear high heels, so that’s a non-issue.

My current boyfriend (by far my best :slight_smile: ) is only an inch or two taller than I am. If anything, I think I prefer being close in height over a big height disparity. He definitely makes me feel “girly” because he’s a lot handier around the house than I am, and strong enough to pick me up off my feet. :slight_smile:

Woman, 5’1"–in general, I find taller guys more attractive. However, the guy I’m most attracted to–my husband–is about 5’5". So, obviously, shortness is not a dealbreaker for me. I’d never not date a guy because of his height.

I’m a 6’ male.

I prefer petite women, so I guess the ideal height for me would be between 5’ and 5’5". I would be attracted to a woman taller than that, although I would probably not be interested in a woman taller than me.

I’m a woman, 5’5". (Okay, 5’4 1/2".) I like guys just a few inches taller. I had a boyfriend for 3 years who was 6’6". I seldom noticed the large difference in height except in bed. It just makes it really, really awkward, as I’m sure you can imagine. Hard to kiss and, you know, at the same time. Unless one of you is a contortionist, or comfortable in challenging positions.

I’m a 5’5" woman, and while height does factor into attractiveness, what’s always been more important to me is whether or not my partner is significantly smaller than me. IOW it’s more about mass.

I’ve never been attracted to waifs and in thinking over the people I have been attracted to in the past, pretty much without exception I’ve been smaller (not shorter, just smaller). I have a pretty small frame so it’s not all that difficult to be bigger than I am.

Im 5ft 1in and female. I think I generally look shorter since I have a rather large bust. I tend to date people who are shorter than the average One of my boyfriends back at secondary was really tall needless to say we both had sore necks a lot of the time!