Does size really matter?

Do you have a preference to the height of your significant other?

I’m really only attracted to girls between 5’2"-5’-6" I myself am 6’2".


Nope. I’ve been attracted to men as short as 5’4" (I’m 5’6") and as tall as 6’7". My husband’s 6’4". I tend to prefer 'em on the skinny side, though - I’ve only been with a couple of burly guys, and (okay, this is TMI)

if a guy is too broad of hip, MY hips ache pretty quickly when I’m on top. I’m, uh, generous of thigh, so I have to spread my legs really far to straddle, if you know what I mean. Not good for leverage or up and down movement if I can’t get my knees on the mattress on either side of him. I end up squatting on my feet, and then I topple over. :smack: Quite undignified.

and lots of very defined muscle is a turn off. A swimmer or gymnast is my ideal shape, a football player, not so much.

I’m 5’1" and have dated guys my height, 6’4" and everything in between.

The whole world is tall when you’re 5’1". Except for that one guy.

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Never had a height preference myself.

Thanks. I forget where I am sometimes.

While I say I prefer shorter women, all my serious relationships have not been.

But I like women between 5’ and 5’5

I’m 5’8, and generally preferred men of at least 6 foot. My tallest boyfriend was 6’4, with broad shoulders, and I loved how tiny and delicate I felt when he hugged me.

My husband, however, is about 5’10. He’s big where it matters though.

Get your mind out of the gutter, I was referring to his heart!

I’m 5’5" and prefer men to be at least…oh, say, 5’9". However, my ex was only about 5’7". Luckily my SO right now is six feet even and I love it.

Jennyrosity, you made me laugh. :slight_smile:

We just did this about two weeks ago, but no I have no preference except that I don’t really care for extremely short or tall people in a relationship. (I’ve dated/slept with guys from about 5’2" up to around 6’10")

Never seemed to matter to me much. I’m 6’ 2". My ex-wife is 4’ 11". I’ve dated women 6’ tall.

There are things much much more important and appealing that sheer height.


I’ve dated women from 4’8" to 6’1" and from about 86 lbs to prolly near 350 or so.

Nope - I’m not too picky about size.

I’m short (5’3") and have always preferred tall guys. I don’t actively seek them out (well, especially since I am currently married and all) I just tend to always find the tall guys to be hot. I have dated guys as tall as 6’8", but the shortest guy I actually dated was 5’11". My husband is 6’ according to the military doctors.

I’d like to say I don’t discriminate against short guys, but I am sure I do, if only subconsciously. I just like my men to be tall. Sorry, short guys.

I prefer my men to be significantly taller than me and burly/heavy. I have dated men my height before (5’5") and that was fine, but if you really want to get my motor running a man at least 6" taller and at least 50 lbs heavier will do it for me every time. My current boyfriend fits this description perfectly and it is all I can do to keep from spontaneously blowing him every time I see him. He is a perfect physical match for me!

I definitely like girls shorter than me… and bustier!

My “ideal” when I was single was for tall and athletic. Both my first and current wives, however, are 5’2" and busty. Luckily, I tend to go more for the interesting but still quite pretty girls vs holding out for a physical ideal.

shrug I’m five four in socks. Kind of hard to find a dude my height or shorter, so everyone I’ve ever dated is taller than me.

I have never cared about height. I’m glad for that, because if I only wanted to date guys a lot taller than I am I would have deprived myself of an awesome boyfriend (my current boyfriend is about an inch or two taller than me).
Actually, I think it’s a good thing that he and I are very similar in stature. It makes smooching easier. :slight_smile:

I’v fantasized about wrestling down a 6’4" sexy blonde with an athletic build and me ending on top. Like that’s ever gonna happen :dubious:

My ideal girl would be 4"10 to 5’3" (I’m 6’). My current (longtime) girlfriend is 5’6". Go figure.