Who is the woman in the Gap commercial playing the guitar?

As most TV watchers have seen, the Gap has a new series of commercials out in which celebrities say what their “first love” was. In one of them, there’s an African-American woman kickin’ it with a Gibson SG in front of a wall of Marshall speaker cabinets. She’s playing the intro to “Back in Black” by AC/DC, and says, “My first love? Angus Young.”

I am enamored of this woman. I must know who she is. I want to have her children. I have Googled, I have checked the Gap website, to no avail. Anyone know who she is?

Nevermind. I found it. Her name is Cherokee.

I saw this ad last night during the ER premiere and I asked the same thing. Now that we know her name…ummmm, who is she? Is she famous for something (other than being in the Gap ad)? Is she actually a musician?

She’s an R&B singer. Sorry, that’s all I gots.

Is this her?

Yes, it is.

Here are some other links:

promo for her new album: http://www.cherokeezone.com

The Gap ad in question with confirmation of artist name:


She’s guitar synching, isn’t she? (Or air guitaring, or whatever).

pldennison beat me to this one. I have always been of the belief that nothing is sexier than a girl with a guitar. When she’s sexy to begin with, and she’s got a Gibson SG up against a wall of Marshalls, wailing on some AC/DC…<drool>

Dr. J (who apologizes for drooling in GQ)