Who is this actress?

The Moody Blues did a video for their song "Wildest Dreams " that told a somewhat sad story. The actress who plays the old girlfriend looks really familiar and I can’t figure out where (or even if) I’ve seen her before. Does anyone know who she is?

She also shows up in their video for “I Know You’re Out There Somewhere” , which I understand is supposed to be part 2 of the story.

Janet Spencer-Turner, according to this site.

If she looks familiar, you may be confusing her with Joan Severance; that’s who I thought it might be before Snooooopy’s post.

She doesn’t look familiar to me. According to the Moody Blues FAQ above, her name is Janet Spencer-Turner, a British actress; but they’re referencing some U.S. TV show called “Telstar,” which doesn’t sound familiar to me either. Only photo I could find is at:


Scroll down to the chick in the red gown holding her arms out. Is this the same woman in the video?

Looks kinda like her, I gotta admit.