Who is this Brit?

Boning up for a trip to London, I decided to immerse myself in British History, so as to appreciate the experience that much more.

But, instead, I just bought British History for Dummies.

Looking on the cover, I couldn’t identify one guy. The picture is very familiar, and I wondered if it wasn’t a painting of Shakespeare. It doesn’t look like all the paintings of Shakespeare, but his absence elsewhere on the cover was noticeable.

So here’s the link.

The guy I am talking about is on the top row, furthest to the right (above Churchill and Blair).

I’m pretty sure I know everyone else (except maybe the three guys in the modern picture to the left of Blair.)

Any Help?

Sir Walter Raleigh? Sir Francis Drake?

It’s Sir Walter Raleigh.

And the 3 guys in the modern picture are all Sinn Fein members - Martin Ferris, Martin McGuiness, and Gerry Adams (from left to right)!

Raleigh was one of our guess. And I thought those guys might be IRA.

Of course, the only name familiar to me was Adams.


So I guess the Bard got the shaft…

So, you’ve heard those rumours too?

Is that a youthful Screaming Lord Sutch bottom left?

Is the centre of the bottom row Tim Henman?

Quartz - it’s John Lennon, not Screaming Lord Sutch! I can see why you thought that though.

GorillaMan - what book are you looking at?! Or am I being wooshed?

And I’ve been doing a bit of picture searching, and Raleigh and Drake look incredibly alike… I’m still sticking with my Raleigh answer though!

Yup, there’s a lot of whooshing around at this time of year…

The picture of Princess Diana does look remarkably like Tim Henman, I think GorillaMan was just making a joke :wink:

Personally I would have put Isambard Kingdom Brunel up there as a noteworthy Brit ahead of some of those featured on the cover.

The latter was my first instinct.

Anthony VanDyke? Or a portrait of old Wally Raleigh by VanDyke?

Mine too, but after consulting Google images, I’m going to have to change my mind…

Sir Walter Raleigh

Sir Francis Drake

Raleigh’s beard is pointier.