Mt Rushmore UK

If you were to do a Mt Rushmore in the U.K., who would you put on it (we’ll allow 6 faces) and where would you site it?

Churchill, Cromwell, and Wellington are obvious picks, but what about the others? Mrs Thatcher isn’t dead yet; Disraeli, Gladstone, Pitt the Elder, Pitt the Younger, Walpole…?

Cromwell’s by no means an obvious choice. A lot of people would object to it.

Nelson, however, seems a given.

I think it would have to be politcal reformists and the like rather than military types.

Wellington might just scrape in under such criteria as the national sentiment might just allow for his qualification in politics so that we can continue to cheer his military endeavers.

Nelson would not be appropriate.

I would think that Cromwell would be a good one for this, and how about Asquith or David Lloyd George, for finally making parliament the supreme law making body and thus trully empowering the people.(The Parliament Act)

Maybe we should look beyind politics and into social reform, in which case William Wilberforce would surely be a candidtate.

Perhaps Tom Paine is notable, but somehow would be out of place here.

Tom Paine already has a very good statue in his home town of Thetford. Picture

As for Cromwell , that probably wouldn’t go down well here in Newark. This fiercely Royalist town was subject to three sieges by the Roundheads , the people almost starved to death and , when the town was finally taken , he ordered the destruction of the castle.

Are there any good likenesses of those who made King John sign Magna Carta?

Cromwell would definately raise controversy, but his role in changing the way the divine right of kings would be viewed in the future generations, including many other nations, paved the way for popular uprisings elsewhere.

The controversy would get plenty of publicity too, making it more of a tourist trap.

You would have to include Neuton, who invented the fig. Also what about Watt, he was somehow involved in the light bulb if I understand correctly.

Oh and Darwin, who gave us the Beagle.

I think Cromwell would almost assuredly guarantee an IRA visit at one point or another for a spot of DIY “improvement.”

I see in my mind’s eye, facing France, sixty feet high in the chalk cliffs of Dover:

John Cleese, Benny Hill, Frankie Howerd, Tommy Cooper–and to really scare the bejeezuz out of potential invaders–George Formby. Senior or Junior, take your pick. The sixth face? Throw in someone as a sop to the Scots, perhaps: Billy Connolly.

I have no standing here, but I can think of a few—curiously, from the same general time frame:[ul]
[li]William (the) Marshal. Arguably the greatest knight of his day (and perhaps any other). After the death of John, directed the expulsion of the French; and while Henry III seems to have been a bit of a wart, things would have been infinitely worse had Loius won.[/li][li]Simon de Montfort. IIRC, called the first Parliament since the Conquest which included the Commons.[/li][li]Edward I. This would perhaps not sit well with the Scots, and with good reason (although his depiction in Braveheart was a travesty). But in addition to Longshanks, he was known as the Lawgiver and the English Justinian. More important, he carried on the practice of including the Commons in Parliament, giving it the royal cachet that Simon (his uncle) could not.[/li][/ul]I considered including Berengaria of Navarre, consort of Richard the Lionhearted, simply so that it could be said that she finally made it to England. But that’s a bit too facetious even for me.

Finally, I have to add my miniscule voice against Cromwell. Otherwise my Irish forebears would torment me to the end of my days.

I hear Benedict Arnold is very popular :slight_smile: .

The Beatles

All six of them?

I’m curious why the OP allowed 6 faces. Although he’s entitled to make whatever rules he wants, and to decide just how close an analog to Mt. Rushmore he has in mind.

The faces on Mt. Rushmore are all presidents, holders of the highest office in the land (which in the UK would be monarchs? prime ministers?); and a case could at least be made that they are the greatest of our presidents and did the most to make the nation what it is/was at the time the sculpture was designed, and/or that they stand for four phases of the nation’s development: its birth, its growth/expansion, its preservation through its greatest crisis, and its looking beyond its own borders to become part of the international community. Are there 4 (or 6, or however many) UK leaders who hold similar status?

Alternatively, if you were gonna do a “Mt. Rushmore” for the UK, you could pick a face to represent each of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

No one for Eliz. I?

Harry Flashman

Sure:John, Paul, George, Ringo,George Martin and Pete Best!

John, Paul, George, Ringo, Martin and YOKO.

My bolding…YIKES! Good luck.

Don’t forget, you have to have one “WTF!?” face. Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson and… Teddy Roosevelt. One of these things is not like the others. :smiley: