Who is this Franz Ferdinand fellow?

So, on a recommendation of a few friends, I checked out some songs by Franz Ferdinand. Pretty good, sez I. And then I hear the one they picked for his first radio single, “Take Me Out,” and it does that great slow-down bit, drops into the groove, and I’m tapping my feet to it, and I realize that I’ve heard the riff in the chorus before.

Am I the only one who hears it? Is Franz Ferdinand’s first single a retread of South Bound Saurez?

And even if it is: man, it’s pretty bloody good, eh?

(Unless I’m being whooshed here,) Franz Ferdinand is the name of a band, not an individual in the band. They’re named after Archduke Franz Ferdinand, whose assasination set off that little scuffle known as World War I.

But, yeah, they are really cool, and if they play in your town, I encourage you to check 'em out.

I don’t believe you’re being whooshed… the OP is probably just honestly mistaken.

Jesus, do you people bug my apartment or something?

I just caught the new video on MTV this morning. Very cool song and video. Wouldn’t mind seeing the OP answered myself…

This is amazing.

Before today, I had never in my life heard of this band. When I noticed this thread, that was literally the fourth time since about 4:30 this afternoon I’ve heard mention of them.

Guess I’m gonna have to check 'em out.

They’re an export from CelynLand. :slight_smile:


Daft? Daft? I hardly think so. I love Franz Ferdinand.