Who Is This Soothsayer?

I read in a book about predictions (by fortune tellers and prophets not the scientific kind) for the new millenium (it was written in 2000) about a man named Jan Noel Taylor (Don’t remember his exact name but it was something like that) who predicted that in the 2000s that Saddam Hussein’s governmetn would be overthrown and US troops would be there to keep the peace. The other predictions described are mostly wrong but my interest is picqued. Any more data on this?

I’ve never heard of this guy and you say his other predictions were “mostly wrong”. Saying the US would overthrow Saddam in the 2000’s wasn’t much of a stretch. Unless this guy has some additional entertainment value I’d find another ‘seer’.

There is an astrologer named Noel Tyl who predicted something like that.

(I agree that, given that the United States was already occupying a portion of Iraq in 2000 and had previously come close to overthrowing Saddam, this prediction wasn’t a huge leap. I can’t see why being right in this case would be enough to overcome his being wrong in most others.)

From what I can remember at least most of his predictions were fairly plausible-no apocalypse or the Antichrist or that sort of stuff with one major exception.

-He predicted the US President would be assassinated sometime between 2004 and 2006 and due to that the US would end up occupying the Golan Heights area.

-In Britain Queen Elizabeth II would pass away and the next monarch would be William not Charles due to health reasons of Charles.

-In 2003 North and South Korea will reunited.

-In the summer of 2004 NASA will make contact with extraterrestrials.

Linky please.

If he was making plausible predictions and still got them wrong, doesn’t that make him look even worse?

<Insert generic joke about saying the sooth, the whole sooth, & not but the sooth, here>

The Sooth shall rise again?

If you want uncanny soothsaying, check this out. Ladies Home Journal, circa 1900.

Heck, I can soothsay with the best of them. I the next decade (2010-2019):

There will be open conventional war between Columbia and Venezuela, with the U.S. giving air and naval support, money and advisors to the Columbians.

There will be a major Earthquake in the Los Angeles area, leaving nearly a thousand people dead.

The U.S. will become a major power in World Soccer, getting to the final four in the last World Cup of the Decade.

Joe Biden will be forced to resign the Vice-Presidency due to personal scandal.

Barack Obama will be re-elected but the Republicans will regain the White house in 2016.

China will begin a program to put a man on the moon, though they will not accomplish this by the end of the decade.

An earth size planet with liquid water will be discovered outside our Solar System.

So if one of these things comes true, what do I win?

You can’t Google “Noel Tyl”? It’s not exactly “John Smith.”

Wow that’s quite accurate for 1900.

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